List of volumes and their issues published in IJARnD with direct links to their e-magazine spectrums. To submit a paper for publishing, please read call for papers for the current issue.

Total Papers6
Published Papers2
Acceptance Rate33%

Volume 4, Issue 4

(April, 2019)
Total Papers37
Published Papers26
Acceptance Rate70%

Volume 4, Issue 3

(March, 2019)
Total Papers23
Published Papers18
Acceptance Rate78%

Volume 4, Issue 2

(February, 2019)
Total Papers14
Published Papers8
Acceptance Rate57%

Volume 4, Issue 1

(January, 2019)
Total Papers35
Published Papers15
Acceptance Rate43%

Volume 3, Issue 12

(December, 2018)
Total Papers29
Published Papers13
Acceptance Rate45%

Volume 3, Issue 11

(November, 2018)
Total Papers43
Published Papers15
Acceptance Rate35%

Volume 3, Issue 10

(October, 2018)
Total Papers51
Published Papers26
Acceptance Rate51%

Volume 3, Issue 9

(September, 2018)
Total Papers48
Published Papers14
Acceptance Rate29%

Volume 3, Issue 8

(August, 2018)
Total Papers39
Published Papers21
Acceptance Rate54%

Volume 3, Issue 7

(July, 2018)
Total Papers121
Published Papers36
Acceptance Rate30%

Volume 3, Issue 6

(June, 2018)
Total Papers41
Published Papers17
Acceptance Rate41%

Total Papers78
Published Papers24
Acceptance Rate31%

Total Papers217
Published Papers64
Acceptance Rate29%

Total Papers131
Published Papers61
Acceptance Rate47%

Total Papers119
Published Papers46
Acceptance Rate39%

Volume 3, Issue 1

(January, 2018)
Total Papers88
Published Papers65
Acceptance Rate74%

Total Papers30
Published Papers14
Acceptance Rate47%

Volume 2, Issue 11

(November, 2017)
Total Papers29
Published Papers14
Acceptance Rate48%

Volume 2, Issue 10

(October, 2017)
Total Papers42
Published Papers17
Acceptance Rate40%

Volume 2, Issue 9

(September, 2017)
Total Papers33
Published Papers8
Acceptance Rate24%

Volume 2, Issue 8

(August, 2017)
Total Papers37
Published Papers18
Acceptance Rate49%

Volume 2, Issue 7

(July, 2017)
Total Papers37
Published Papers18
Acceptance Rate49%

Volume 2, Issue 6

(June, 2017)
Total Papers73
Published Papers28
Acceptance Rate38%

Total Papers85
Published Papers31
Acceptance Rate36%

Volume 2, Issue 4

(April, 2017)
Total Papers63
Published Papers20
Acceptance Rate32%

Volume 2, Issue 3

(March, 2017)
Total Papers31
Published Papers20
Acceptance Rate65%

Volume 2, Issue 2

(February, 2017)
Total Papers22
Published Papers11
Acceptance Rate50%

Volume 2, Issue 1

(January, 2017)
Total Papers115
Published Papers59
Acceptance Rate51%

Volume 1, Issue 2

(December, 2016)
Total Papers8
Published Papers7
Acceptance Rate88%

Volume 1, Issue 1

(November, 2016)
Total Papers9
Published Papers6
Acceptance Rate67%

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