Volume 2, Issue 8

Volume 2, Issue 8

August, 2017

1. A Quasi Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Hands on Skill Training Program on CPR among Adolescents in Selected Schools, Bangalore.

Birth and death are the two natural phenomena that all of us have to accept. When a child is born we are happy because a new person is added to our company, where as, when someone dies, we grieve because he/she is no more with us. Death can occur at any time due to any cause. However death in certain instances can be prevented. For instance death due to cardiac arrest can be prevented by giving cardio pulmonary resuscitation in time. Cardio pulmonary resuscitation is a technique used in cardiac arrest to establish heart and lung function until more advanced life support is available.Resuscitation was attempted in the past through various methods e.g. slapping victims, making loud noises. The mouth –to mouth method was reported prior to 1950 but it has now become the most preferred method. At first only medically trained personnel were allowed to perform CPR, since chest compression could produce internal injuries. Kouwenhoven and his colleagues set a new land mark for effective external cardiac compression, coupled with mouth to mouth breathing in the resuscitation of victim who had total circulatory stand till. As a result, the combination of closed – chest cardiac massage and mouth-to-mouth rescuer breathing, coupled with the introduction of external defibrillation, created cardio pulmonary, resuscitations as it is known today. Thus the foundation of modern CPR was laid in 1960

Published by: CH. LavanyaResearch Area: Secondary School

Organisation: Gitam Institute Of Nursing, Gitam University, Visakhapatnam, AndhrapradeshKeywords: Hands on Skill Development

2. Living Condition of Tea Plantation Workers

India is the second largest producer of tea plantation and biggest consumer of the tea. The biggest production of tea in India is at Assam, west Bengal Kerala and Tamilnadu. Most of the tea workers in northeastern India are descendants of tribal communities from other Indian states who were brought to the tea estates as bonded or forced labor during India’s colonial period. They have retained a distinct sociocultural identity, including languages and customs which are different from those of the local populations in Assam and West Bengal. Jobs on the tea plantations are traditionally passed from one generation to the next. Having limited access to education or economic opportunity outside the tea plantations, tea workers are highly dependent on their employers. Irony is the condition of tea plantation workers are not less then pathetic they have been keeping away from all the basic needs like drinking water, toilet facility, proper sanitation, clean environment, they also not provided basic health and medical facility . This paper will offer an clear analysis of condition of tea plantation workers and tried to find proper remedies to improve their conditions. This paper will argue government to take stringent action against owners of the plantation fields and helping workers to get necessary basic living condition

Published by: Tripti PanwarResearch Area: Labor Welfare

Organisation: SelfKeywords: Conditions of Plantation Workers and Remedies

3. Secure Data Deduplication in Cloud

Deduplication is a process that eliminates redundant copies of data and reduces storage overhead. Data deduplication becomes more and more a necessity for cloud storage providers because of the continuous and exponential increase of the number of users and the size of their data. Storage and data transfer costs will be reduced by their cloud providers by storing a unique copy of duplicate data. Cloud computing offers a new way of service provision by re-arranging various resources over the Internet. The most often known, important and popular cloud service is data storage. The privacy of data holders are more important, So in order to preserve the privacy of the data holders , data is often stored in cloud in an encrypted form. In cloud data deduplication, encrypted data will introduce new challenges, which becomes crucial for data storage and processing in cloud. There are some of the traditional schemes for deduplication that cannot work on encrypted data. Some of the Existing solutions are present for encrypted data deduplication which suffer from security weakness i.e. brute force attacks means they cannot flexibly support data access control and revocation. Therefore, few of them can be readily deployed in practice. In this paper, we propose a scheme to deduplicate the encrypted data which is stored in cloud. And also we use RAS and AES algorithm for encryption and hash code generation The results show the sequence diagram over deduplication process and test cases for login purpose , especially for data deduplication in cloud storage.

Published by: Arpitha .R, Pavithra G. SResearch Area: Cloud Computing

Organisation: SJB Institute of Technology, BengaluruKeywords: Deduplication, Encryption Technique, Decryption Technique

4. Liberalizing Local Liquor of India, Promoting Indian Tourism and Saving Indigenous Heritage of India

India is the fastest growing economy in the world since past few decades its tourism has increased drastically, one of the major contributor of GDP is liquor market, India has its our culture of preparing Liquor which is directly, indirectly connected to the cultural ,climatic inheritance of the country however restrictive government policies continuous to keep Indian local liquor out of the economic importance. The purpose of this paper is to contribute authors thoughts on how local liquors can effect tourism including GDP and economy of the nation. Many different factors determine the performance of the tourism industry in addition to the contribution of the local drink industry .These include cost competitiveness, other competitiveness factors such as management, quality of services, product, international economic conditions, promotion and marketing ,access and competing location and last but not the least government policies. This policy paper will offer an analysis on Indian local liquor policies, importance and its significance on Indian tourism. This paper examines the issues facing the local liquor industries in India and suggesting liberalizing the sector for specific advantages to various stakeholders.

Published by: Tripti PanwarResearch Area: Social

Organisation: SelfKeywords: Social Awareness, Marketing Promotion, Indian Local Liquor Market.

5. 1 Youth Friendship: Aspects Of Contemporary Exposition in Chetan Bhagat’s Selected Novels

Chetan Bhagat is known for his explanation of reality in the contemporary Indian society. All his works speak of social issues and immorality which damage the development of the individual and the society. Chetan Bhagat, as an Indian, fictionalizes the Indian contemporary society. He writes about each part of India like its culture, its issues, and its languages and describes the life of young generation. In all his novels, he focuses on modern urban issues, the quality of private coaching centres, student suicides, unfulfilled ambition and uncontrolled corruption. He also deals with urban cities and their problems, inter-caste marriages, the attraction of professional jobs and making career choices. He stresses on the importance of reviewing the social values. The social reality as depicted in the novels of Chetan Bhagat is alltogether of the society in the post globalization era. The present paper aims to show how Chetan Bhagat’s novels show up the treatment of friendship and how, according to the novelist, with a clear set of values, transformation is certain.

Published by: S. Pushpavalli, N. Indhira Priya DharshiniResearch Area: Indian Writing in English

Organisation: Vels UniversityKeywords: Contemporary Issues, Unfulfilled Ambition, Corruption, Modern Culture, Social Activity, Awareness

Research Paper

6. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Neem Leaves Powder (Azadrichta Indica) on Pediculosis among School Children at A Selected Community in Chennai

At present head louse infestation or pediculosis is a common problem worldwide, especially among school children. A preventive approach to the maintenance of good health with specific education can be of greater benefit to a person than a delayed reactive one. The aim of the study was to find out whether the Neem leaves powder is effective in prevention and control of pediculosis among school children. The conceptual frame work was developed based on VonLudwig Bertalanffy (1968) system theory. The quasi experimental one group time series with multiple application was adopted for this study. The study was conducted in paraniputhur village at Thiruvallur District. By using purposive sampling technique, 30 samples were selected. The duration of the study was three weeks. Pretreatment assessment was done by using observational check list based on signs and symptoms of pediculosis infestation. On the same day neem leaves powder paste was applied, on the third day post treatment assessment was done. The treatment was continued for 6 times in the same manner. The same tool was used to assess the degree of pediculosis infestation throughout the study. Data collected was analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistical methods. The study finding showed that 15(50%) had mild degree of pediculosis infestation and 15(50%) severe degree of pediculosis infestation before application of neem leaves powder. During 1st and 2nd application it remain the same but after 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th application there was a gradual decrease in pediculosis infestation and 30 (100%) had mild degree of pediculosis infestation. Hence there was a significance difference between pretreatment and post treatment there was no significant association found between the degree of pediculosis infestation prior treatment with the demographic variables. The study concluded that neem leaves powder is very effective, cheap and non irritant and helps in control and prevention of pediculosis infestation.

Published by: Mrs. G. ChandralekhaResearch Area: Community

Organisation: Gitam Institute of Nursing, VisakhapatnamKeywords: Pediculosis, Neem

Research Paper

7. Post Modernism in Shashi Tharoor’s Show Business

Post modernism is a general term which is applied to literature, art, philosophy, architecture, fiction, culture and literary criticism. The present modernism is characterized by the ascendency of science and explaining the world. It is often associated with identity, authority, certainty, difference, separation, textually and scepticism. Shashi Tharoor has successfully brought post modernism features in all his novels. Show Business is about the story of a Bollywood superstar’s life and experience of the Indian film industry and the Indian parliament. Author’s extended use of satire in the story has helped to bring out the funny, clever and political realities. Ashok discovers popularity and fame in Bollywood does not automatically translate into success in politics. Ashok is partly responsible in money- laundering scandal associated with his Swiss bank account. While shooting for a movie, Ashok is badly injured. In vain, he never recovers. Show Business is not only a clever treatise on the distracting entertainments produced by the Hindi film industry. It is used as a postmodern code by the author and the contemporary popular myths created by it. It is a profound study of the lives of those who constitute this glamorous section of the society. The author exemplifies the leaders who never hesitate to betray their own country. This novel interrogates the rectitude of the politicians of free India.

Published by: Mrs. Bhavana, Dr. K. ShibilaResearch Area:

Organisation: PRIST University, Tamil NaduKeywords: Show Business, Post Mordernism

Research Paper

8. Origin and Settlement Pattern of Rongmei Ethnic Villages in Thangmeiband Assembly Constituency of Manipur

There are as many as 31 villages of Rongmei Ethnic group in Imphal West District of Manipur. Imphal West is a district in Manipur valley and the capital city of the state with 7(seven) Rongmei Villages fall under Imphal Municipal Cor-poration Ward No. 1; and the other 1 (one) in Imphal Municipal Cor-poration Ward No. 25 in the Thangmeiband Assembly Constituency to Manipur State. There is a long history of their Origin and Settlement prior to British rule in Manipur and India. Thus, these villages had established strong affinity with the Kings of Manipur when the province was still a Princely state.The present work is carried out to study the history of their origin, settlement pattern and their electoral participation within their jurisdiction up to their modern days. The researcher interviewed imminent persons, public leaders, scholars and village elders. All bias is removed as far as possible. Both primary and secondary data are used.These people have been playing an important role in which they are living and their contribution towards the society and their surrounding communities at large in their social and political affairs. Their status-quo must be examined and the needs be attended to. To the very nature of their ethnic character that might violate and trespass their peaceful existence could be an important index in Ethnic Studies.

Published by: Gaichangpou RuangmeiResearch Area: Adult Education

Organisation: Manipur UniversityKeywords: Origin, Settlement Pattern, Rongmei, Tribe, Municipal Corporation, Election.

Research Paper

9. A Study on Employee’s Work Life Balance in Aavin, Kottapatu, Trichy

The evolving pattern of work and personal aspects of life offer greater challenges to modern workforce. The current work scenario is marked by the fast pace of change, intense pressure, constant declines, changing demographics, increased use of technology has affect the lives of employees. Present work force consists of many working fathers and mothers; whose aim is to find a balance life between work and family roles is a matter of concern for them and the organization. Work life balance has implications for employee attitudes, behavior, wellbeing as well as organizational effectiveness (Eby et. 2005). So the work life balance formal framework initiatives is the need of hour for the organizations and HR professionals. The impact of work life balance and employees job satisfaction is the core issues of human resource development. It is a measure of how happy employees are with the job and working environment. It study helps the employees to produce more,take few days off and stay loyal to the company. The essential factor in successful managing work life balance is the ability to reduce and control stress. Stress is doubtfully one of the biggest problems faced by the modern work force. It is a also becoming an increasingly worrying problem for employers. So managing the stress is the ability to recognize and restructuring yourself, your work and your life. Keywords: work life balance, Job satisfaction, Stress

Published by: Dr. S. Venkatesh, E. EvangelineResearch Area: Human Resource

Organisation: PRIST University, Tamil NaduKeywords: Work Life balance, Job Satisfaction, Stress

Research Paper

10. Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence among B.Ed. Teacher Trainees in Relation to their Social Economic Status

The main aim of the study was to find out the Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence of B.Ed., teacher trainees with relation to their Socio-economic status. The present study adopts normative survey method. The total sample of the study consists of 300 B.Ed., teacher trainees in and around chennai district. Purposive cluster sampling technique was adopted to collect data from the samples. Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence tool (constructed) was administered to the teacher trainee . Data was collected from the selected area. Data was analysed through SPSS. Descriptive and inferential analyses were carried out in relation to demographic variables. The findings of the ‘t’ test revealed that locality wise significant difference was found, ‘F’ test results shows that significant difference was found among type of management between locality, type of institution with Socio-economic status.

Published by: Indumathi .SResearch Area: Education

Organisation: PRIST University, Tamil NaduKeywords: Emotional

Research Paper

11. Development of Ball Point Type Follower with Single Ball Groove Type Cam

Generally in automobile, as a cam and follower, camshaft and valve is used. The valve and the cam come in contact at a flat surface. Because of this flat surface contact friction and wearing takes place. There are different types of followers like knife edge, roller, flat type followers, but in all these types more friction and wearing takes place. So in concern to this friction and wearing issue, Single groove cam with ball point type follower design is presented. In this design of follower lubrication of follower will be there continuously and due to that heat generation, friction, wearing will be lesser comparatively from other followers. In this ball type follower, a ball pen kind of mechanism would be there. As a result wearing and friction will be lesser on cam and cam grooves comparatively to flat surface.

Published by: Y. Lethwala, J. SurtiResearch Area: Cam and Flower in Mechanical

Organisation: Bhagwan Mahavir College of Engineering and Technology, SuratKeywords: Ball Point Type Follower, Single Groove Cam, Cam and Follower, Single Groove Cam and Ball Point Type Follower.

Research Paper

12. Marketing Efficiency, Price Spread, Share of Farmers In Case Of Horticultural Markets Of Assam

Agricultural and allied activities play predominant role in socio- economic development of Assam as this sector is a major contributor of the state. Assam is basically an agricultural state. So agricultural marketing especially rural market is a vital tool for developing the economy of Assam. Marketing is the performance of all business activities involved in the flow of goods and services from the point of initial agricultural production until they are in the hands of the ultimate consumer. But the marketing of farmer’s product is a complex phenomenon. Involvement of large number of trade channels in the procurement of agricultural product and getting the immediate return are the main factors governing the whole marketing operation. The problems related to functional aspects are concerned with bottlenecks during grading, pricing, payments and other marketing operations. The physical infrastructure in Assam is weak in case of coverage of village, accessibility and marketing information. Due to lack of proper market information facilities, price is varied across the rural markets and the supply chain is multilayered so the farmers get only 1/3 of retail or consumers price and rest is absorbed by intermediaries. Market information is a means of increasing the efficiency of marketing system. The result of implementation of emerging marketing channel implies improvement of agriculture marketing system. So in this paper my study is about the problems of agricultural marketing and how the marketing channels impacts the share of farmers and give some suggestions to remove the problems. For this study primary and secondary data are taken into account. chain.

Published by: Babita KalitaResearch Area: Economics

Organisation: Gauhati UniversityKeywords: Agricultural Marketing Marketing Channels Infrastructure, Marketing Information Supply

Research Paper

13. Maring Tribe Women: Original History and Impacts of Modern Development among the Maring Women in Manipur

Tracing back to its origin, Maring tribe women are fully dedicated to their husband. Women behaviour, character and dress are strictly followed according to the tradition. They were engaged only in cultivation. Education was far away from them. Women were living with low income. But traditional and cultures were highly preserved. They follow oral literature. But at present modern education and culture hit the women society of this tribe. There is a huge gap between traditional and modern culture. Their tradition and customs were left behind and adapting to the modern culture. Therefore, most of their ancestral history had been gone into the darkness. There is no written history record of this tribe till date. Moreover, modern education has given support to their lives too. Women were seen must influenced by the western culture. Most of the time, women related crimes arouse in present days too.

Published by: Thangsha Mophun MaringResearch Area: Women Literature and Tradition

Organisation: IndividualKeywords: Origin, Settlement, Traditional Attires, Evolution, Impact, Issues.

Research Paper

14. Use of Flow care Menstrual Cups over Conventional Menstrual Products in India

There are number of options available in the market to tackle with menses i.e. tampons, sanitary pads made by polymers, local made sanitary pads. Many people use unhygienic methods like untreated cotton rags, grass, husk, wood ash. Existing sanitary products possess substantial threat from Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), Toxic Shock Like Syndrome (TSLS), Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and other forms of infections due to its contents. 65% of the user’s experience staining or leaking with existing methods. Flowcare menstrual cup is ergonomically designed to handle voluminous flow for extended period of time without the aforementioned risks. It is manufactured from medical grade silicon copolymer and is safe for use. Also Flowcare menstrual cup condenses the environmental hazards like incineration and landfill making it one stop solution for the problem.

Published by: Chintan Shah, Dipesh .P, Maitri .PResearch Area: Female Healthcare and Hygiene

Organisation: Laxminarayan Institute of Technlogy, NagpurKeywords: Sanitary Pad, Tampons, Toxic Shock Syndrome, Menstrual Cup.

Research Paper

15. Psychological Analysis on Female Characters from Selected Novels of Anita Desai

The focus of my thesis is to explore the Indian women’s experiences in the three novels of Anita Desai, Fire on the Mountain, Clear Light of Day and Fasting, Feasting. Based on the investigation of women’s experiences in the two major spheres that is the private or domestic and the public sphere, examine how their spatial existence and movement are constrained by the patriarchal ideologies enforced by men in the community. Also investigate the interaction between oppression, suppression and self-determination experienced by women in both the domestic and public spheres. As India is still governed by traditional values, women find it difficult to escape from their gendered roles as mother, daughter and wife. If any attempts are made by them to transgress into the public sphere and to seek equal status with men, they have to face isolation or self-destruction. Here, in the novels, we see women’s marginalization through the use of third person narration, the female characters’ accounts of their past memories and the use of narrative voices of the female characters. What I will like to argue is that though attempts have been made by women to escape from the patriarchal society, they cannot achieve total independence and liberation. Personal adjustments have to be made by women to connect themselves to the community so as to avoid being isolated and estranged.

Published by: C. Muthamil SelviResearch Area: Literature

Organisation: PRIST University, Tamil NaduKeywords: Fasting, Feasting.

Research Paper

16. A Scientific Breakthrough Technology to Achieve Conversion of Fructose which will result in Toxic Free Sucrose and Also Conversion of Glucose to Make Low GI Sucrose

An Indian herbal technology to answer the world challenge to achieve toxic free sucrose and making sugar a low GI sucrose. The aim of the research is to convert Fructose and convert Glucose to achieve the above task. This will answer the alarming concern of sugar intake by the world population and also ease out the life of Diabetic world. The technology is designed with the power of organic engineering.

Published by: Dr. C. K. NandagopalanResearch Area: Molecular Science

Organisation: RevolutionKeywords: Conversion of Fructose, Toxic Free Sucrose, Conversion of Glucose, Low Gi Sucrose, Xon the Organic Solvent

Research Paper

17. A Comparative Study between Splinting Versus Corticosteroid Injection in De-Quervain’s Disease

de Quervain’s disease (DQ) is painful tenosynovitis of first dorsal compartment of hand. It is usually caused by overuse or repetitive activity. There are various modalities of treatment of DQ. Different studies have shown effectiveness of local corticosteroid injection, splinting or both in western population but to our knowledge, there is no effective data available for Indian population. This study was performed to compare the outcome of corticosteroid injection versus splinting for the treatment of de Quervain’s tenosynovitis. Methods: This randomized prospective study was conducted from July 2015 to December 2016 in Orthopaedics OPD of RKMSP.A total of 100 patients with de-Quervain’s tenosynovitis were treated with either of these methods1) corticosteroid injection in first dorsal compartment of wrist, 2) splinting, local ice or hot compression and topical Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory (NSAIDs) gel. Treatment effectiveness was measured by Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale, 0-10 Numeric Pain Rating Scale, size of nodule over radial styloid and grading of tenderness over 1st dorsal compartment. Results: In the first group, a total of 50 patients were included (corticosteroid injection), and 50 patients in the second group (splinting, local ice or hot compression and topical Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory (NSAIDs) gel). The mean age was 32.6 years (21 – 61 years) in all patients. There were 90 women and 10 men. Overall success rate was 90% in the first and 60% in the second groups, with a significant difference for both groups with respect to pain score and cure rate (P<0.05). Temporary pain was the most common adverse reaction at the site of injection and was noted in 40% of patients. Conclusion: Though steroid injection has excellent outcome, splinting can be an alternative viable treatment option for dQ especially in patients with low grade disease or reluctant to injection because of fear of probable adverse reactions.

Published by: Dr. Sunny Kumar Mallick, Dipak Kumar Jha, Arindam Majumdar, Siddhartha MahapatraResearch Area: Orthopaedic Disease

Organisation: R. G. Kar Medical College & Hospital, West BengalKeywords: De-Quervain’s Disease, Tenosynovitis, Corticosteroid Injection, Splinting

Case Study

18. Herpes Simplex Keratitis and Visual Impairment: Case Series

To record the natural history of herpes simplex keratitis and estimate visual impairment in eyes of patients diagnosed with herpes simplex keratitis Materials: This was a retrospective, descriptive case study for five years of the eyes of patients with clinically diagnosed herpes simplex keratitis. These patients had presented to eye OPD . The medical records were reviewed by the authors. Visual acuity at presentation and clinical details on examination were recorded and, diagnosis of the stage of disease given in the case record was noted. Statistical analysis was done using chi-square-test. Results:Out Of a total of 50 patients, there were 30 males and 20 females; 32 eyes presented with stromal lesions, 11 eyes with epithelial lesions, 8eyes with epithelial and stromal lesions, and 1 eyes with endothelitis. Conclusion: Most patients had mild disease. The majority of the patients attained the final visual acuity of 6/12 or better in the affected eye. Thus, there was only a temporary visual morbidity with fairly good functional visual outcome in majority of the patients.

Published by: Nishant Vardhan, Dr. Mandeep Tomar, Dr. Tarun SoodResearch Area: Opthalmology

Organisation: Civil Hospital, Jubbal, Himachal PradeshKeywords: Herpes Simplex, Keratitis, Visual Impairment.