Volume 2, Issue 1

. Effect of Eye Exercise on Myopia in Children Aged Between 10-15 Years- A Randomized Clinical Trial

Background- Myopia is the most common refractive error of eye in school going children. There are many treatment option are available to prevent or treat the myopia but not yet well documented in physiotherapy. Objective- To find out the effect of eye exercise on myopia in children aged between 10-15 years. Study Design- A Randomized Clinical Trial Study setting- The setting were MMIMSR, Mullana-Ambala and Ashirwad Eye Hospital, Yamunanagar-Ambala. Participants- 50 subjects of both genders mean age of 12.86±1.48 years with diagnosed case of myopia were recruited through criteria based purposive sampling. Method- Consent was taken, random allocation done in to two groups’ Experimental (Exp) group and Control (Ctrl) group. Pre intervention optical power and CISS were taken by Nidek ARK 700A and CISS scale respectively. Exp group receive Palming exercise, Eye warm-up exercise, Cross crawl and Tibetan Eye exercise for three weeks five days per week and 20 mins per day, Ctrl group was advised to use spectacles or contact lenses on regular basis for three weeks. After three weeks of intervention post Optical power and CISS were taken and analyzed. Result- CISS score significantly reduced within both the group after treatment, but there was no significant change observed for optical power in ctrl group. However from end-point to follow-up a significant reduction in CISS occurred (P<0.001) in control group, and no significant change observed for optical power of RE and LE (P=0.13, 0.99 respectively). In contrast, the Exp group showed reduction of optical power (P<0.001), and CISS score (P<0.001).

Published by: Rahul Pandey, Ritwiz Bihari, Anamika PandeyResearch Area: Physical Therapy and Ophthalmology

Organisation: Javitri Hospital &Test Tube Baby Centre, LucknowKeywords: Pediatric myopia; Visual Rehabilitation; Cross crawl; Tibetan Eye Exercise.

. Physical activity and Myopia in student population-A Retrospective and Prospective Study

Aim To conclude the connection between physical activity and shortsightdness advancement in student population. Originator of shortsightdness development are not made clear sufficiently. Methods This study contained 100 students with confirmed shortsightdness up to -3 Dsph. The study was administered in the Vibhuti Narayan Government Inter College in the period from July 2015 until November 2015. Eye examination and Multistage Fitness Test were done two times. Results A compelling interaction was documented only conferring to evaluation of physical ability during the second appraisal with a negative sign, signify that an increase of physical activity had an impact on the decrease of differences in values of cycloplegic automatic computer refractometry analysis (right eye Rho: -0.260, p<0.01; left eye Rho: - 0.255, p<0.05). Multivariate regression analysis of impact on the dissimilarity of distance visual acuity outside correction as well as the impact on difference of cycloplegic automatic computer refractometry pointed out that evaluation of physical ability during the analysis had statistically meaningful impact on the reduce of distance visual acuity between analysis (right eye OR: I calculation -0.748, II calculation -0.660, p<0.05; left eye OR: I measurement -0.613, II measurement -0.515, p<0.05) and on reduced difference of cycloplegic automatic computer refractometry (right eye OR: I measurement -0.822, II measurement -0.831, p<0.05; left eye OR: I measurement -0.641, II measurement -0.706, p<0.05). Conclusion Physical activity did not originate the increase of shortsightdness. This study opened a perspective for other studies on the impact of physical activity on shortsightdness.

Published by: Rahul PandeyResearch Area: Physiotherapy & Ophthalmology

Organisation: Javitri Hospital, Lucknow, Uttar PradeshKeywords: Functional ability; Multistage Fitness Test; Myopia; Ophthalmological examination.

. Effect of MET & MFR on Primary Open Angle Glaucoma in Adult aged between 15-30 years

Background: Primary open angle glaucoma is one of the major cause of blindness and it have only surgical treatment and lifelong use of medication. Hence many side effects arise. To overcome this, the drugless approach is in practice but the importance of Muscle Energy Technique (met) and Myofacial (MFR) Release is not explored. Objective: To determine the effectiveness of MET and MFR on primary open angle glaucoma in primary open angle glaucoma. Setting: Tertiary care teaching hospital Methods: 12 subjects with Primary open angle glaucoma was recruited through criteria based convenience sampling for the study. The age ranges from 15-30 years. MET and MFR was given to the subjects30 mins/day, six days/week for three weeks. Intraocular pressure was assessed with Tonometer as dependent variable by Ophthalmologist. Pre and post treatment intraocular pressure change is established. Result(s): Pre IOP and Post are 23.11±1.98 mmHg and Post IOP is 20.05±.1.42 mmHg respectively. The mean pre-post difference is 3.1± 1.9 mmHg with significance difference of p< 0.001. Conclusion: MET and MFR reduce intraocular pressure and relieve from other symptoms.

Published by: Rahul pandeyResearch Area: Physiotherapy and Ophthalmology

Organisation: Javitri Hospital, Lucknow, Uttar PradeshKeywords: Eyes; Glaucoma; Physical Therapy; Pressure; Rehabilitation.

. Orthodontically Induced Root Resorption-A Review

Root resorption is the destructive process of the cementum and/or dentine layers of a tooth root due to clastic cell activity which leads to a subsequent loss root structure of a tooth. This process may be physiological or pathological. Physiological root resorption of deciduous teeth naturally occurs when the permanent teeth begin to erupt. It may also occur to a small degree in the permanent dentition associated with physiological tooth movement.1 Pathological root resorption has been related to orthodontic tooth movement, trauma, and ectopic eruption of adjacent teeth and in association with other pathology. Root resorption is an unpredictable, unavoidable pathologic consequence that occurs during orthodontic tooth movement. Fortunately in the majority of cases, root resorption is minimal. There are many possible causes to root resorption as a sequel of orthodontic treatment with fixed appliance. It is therefore essential for a clinician to be aware of these factors, to be able to estimate the risk of root resorption individually for each patient.

Published by: Dr. Aakash ShahResearch Area: Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

Organisation: K. M. Shah Dental College and Hospital, GujaratKeywords: Root resorption, orthodontic tooth movement, intrusion.

. Use of Vibration in Orthodontics-A Review

In the pursuit of increasing treatment efficiency and decreasing treatment duration, vibratory stimulation has been advocated as a possible adjunct to orthodontic appliances to increase the rate of tooth movement. Following this, a new device called the Acceledent has become commercially available, and is aimed at decreasing treatment duration by accelerating periodontal and bony tissue remodeling with low magnitude high frequency vibration. Surgical methods, regardless of technique, are still invasive to some degree, and hence have their associated complications. Hence, non-invasive methods have come to the force. Vibration was mostly investigated and gave the most promising results. The concept of using physical approaches came from the idea that applying orthodontic forces causes bone bending (bone bending theory) and bioelectrical potential develops. The concave site will be negatively charged attracting osteoblasts and the convex site will be positively charged attracting osteoclasts.

Published by: Dr. Aakash ShahResearch Area: Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

Organisation: K. M. Shah Dental College and HospitalKeywords: Pain, Vibration, Orthodontics, Tooth movement.

. Surgical Approaches to Accelerate Orthodontic Tooth Movement-A Review

Surgical technique to accelerate the rate of orthodontic tooth movement has been recognized in many case reports. It is a clinically successful method used for mature patients, where time of orthodontic treatment may be important in preferred groups of patients. The alveolar bone remodeling and PDL are the significant factors in orthodontic tooth movement, and bone turnover is identified to enlarge after fracture, bone grafting, and osteotomy. Various surgical procedures are there to accelerate the orthodontic tooth movement such as distraction osteogenesis, corticotomy, osteotomy, micro-osteoperforations and piezocision technique.

Published by: Dr. Aakash ShahResearch Area: Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

Organisation: K. M. Shah Dental College and Hospital, GujaratKeywords: Corticotomy, Micro-Osteoperforations, Orthodontics, Tooth Movement.

. A Comparative Study of Values and Life-Morals among Addicts and Non-Addicts

The present study was conducted to get an insight into, and to compare the values and life morals among addicts and non addicts. The study was conducted in Chandigarh which was a purposive selection, covering Non addicts in three Educational Institutes –Punjab University, Sector 14, D.A.V. College, Sector –10 and Institute for Hotel Management Sector 42. Addicts were covered from three De-addiction centers; Govt. Medical College and Hospital, Sector-32, Lala Lajpat Rai Bhawan Sector-15 and Alcoholic and Narcotics Anonymous. The subjects were 100 in number, (50 Addicts, 50 Non- addicts) all males, in the age group 17-21 years. The tool used in the study was the Value Conflict Scale Value (2001) by R.L Bhardwaj The items of the test are divided into six further dimensions as evasion vs. fortitude, dependence vs. self-reliance, selfishness vs. probity, hate vs. love, fear vs. assertion and pragmatism vs. idealism. It was reported that Addicts had less value assumptions while the Non addicts had High/Clear value assumptions.

Published by: Shruti MarwahaResearch Area: Anthropology

Organisation: Panjab University, ChandigarhKeywords: Addicts, Non-Addicts Values.

. Numerical Solution of Laminar Boundary Layer Flow on an Isothermal Wall

The aim of this paper is that the study of laminar boundary layer flow on an Isothermal wall/adabatic wall. The present study of this paper deals with two dimensional laminar boundary layer equation with steady state motion using similar transformation. The equation has been solved by Runge-Kutta method and Shooting technique. Results have been discussed by numerical solution and graphical representation.

Published by: Sooraj Pal Singh YadavResearch Area: Fluid Machenics

Organisation: Govt. P G College BazpurKeywords: Renold’s Number, Prandtl’s Number, Pressure Gradient, Viscous Dissipation etc.

. Extracting Biodye from Rivivna Humilis Berries

The panoramic beauty nature is copioused by the flowers.The flowers is now being used as a dyeing agent.The trend of biodyeing has an age old history. There is unique flora and fauna in India. Nature provides immense number of flora and have unique advantages from it. One among the significant aspect of flora is production of biodye. The major objective of the study is Rivivna humilis berries extract is taken and used as dyeing agent to dye different fabrics.

Published by: Sreeremya .SResearch Area: Biotechnology

Organisation: Sree Narayana Guru College, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.Keywords: Biodye , Dye, Fabrics, Flora.

. Extracting Biodye from Centranthus SP

Natural dyes can be used as dyeing agent. It has many advantageous when compared to synthetic dyes. They are renewable, non toxic, non allergic, and eco friendly. The current study focuses on an approach to extract the biodye from Centranthus sp flower , and to identify whether flower extract can produce the dye in the different fabric majorly cotton, silk, wool .

Published by: Sreeremya.SResearch Area: Biotechnology

Organisation: Sree Narayana Guru College, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.Keywords: Nature, Biodye, Eco freinfly, Fabric.

. Nutritional Aspects of Chiya Seeds-Review

Chiya seeds are super nutritional foods, which can be included in the diet and will have great impact for the persons who consumes it in diet routine. It has humongous health benefits. The abundance of medicinal properties and health benefits such as, for weight loss ,to treat type II diabetes,for nourishment of eye of chiya seed are reviewed. The nutritional properties and important beneficial components present in chiya seeds are also reviewed.

Published by: Sreeremya.SResearch Area: Biotechnology

Organisation: Sree Narayana Guru College, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,IndiaKeywords: Chiya seed, Health, diet, Nutrition

. Chemigation-Review

Chemigation is the use of agricultural chemicals (fertilizer, fungicides, herbicides, nematodes, soil improvement remedies, growth regulators, sewage and manure water), in an effective and economic way, by means of an irrigation system. Chemigation can be applied by means of any type of irrigation system, although some flood irrigation systems may not be apt for the application of certain types of chemicals, because of poor application uniformity. The careless use of chemicals and over-irrigation must also be prevented, because it can lead to pollution of soil and water sources.

Published by: Sreeremya.SResearch Area: Biotechnology

Organisation: Sree Narayana Guru College, Coimbatore, Coimbatore, Tamil NaduKeywords: Chemigation, Fertilizers, Pollution, Irrigation system, Chemicals

. Academic Stress among School Students Writing Board Exam

A popular class of threats known as zero day malware has drawn increasing attention from researchers primarily from the organization sector. The term “zero day” refers to the unknown nature of the hole to those outside of the hackers, specifically, the developers. Once the vulnerability becomes known, a race begins for the developer, who must protect users. In order for the vendor to rectify the vulnerability, the software company must release a patch.Traditional based antivirus are unable to detect these kind of threats,For cybercriminals, unpatched vulnerabilities in popular software, such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Flash, represent a free pass to any target they might want to attack,so its better to keep update your software feature as well.In this paper our prime focus on getting information new kind of malware and what are the ways we can avoid that kind of threat as well.

Published by: Mrs. J. Jamuna RaniResearch Area: Computer Science and Engineering

Organisation: Department of commerce, Sir Theagaraya College, Universty of Madras, ChennaiKeywords: Academic Stress, Students, Board Exam, Science stream, Arts stream.

. Effect of Globalization on Indian Economy

Globalization is an important element of economic reform, introduced in India in 1991. Owing to globalization it was expected that globalization should be beneficial for the economy, as a whole and should raise the welfare of all people throughout the country. It was expected that capital and technology will inflow from developed countries of the world into India. This implies that it should raise the rate of Economic growth in country and reduce poverty and that it should not increase inequalities in the Economy, Also, There should be social integration of the economy with rest of the world. Accordingly India would have access to the fruits of global growth.

Published by: Parvaiz HussainResearch Area: Globalization

Organisation: Poonch State J & KKeywords: Globalization, Indian Economy, Economic growth .