Dear authors, IJARnD avails you various mode of payments for your convenience. We accept direct deposit to the Bank, or you can now pay online here using the undergiven details for NEFT transfer or online payment using your Net Banking/Debit/Credit card.

Please be careful while entering the paper ID and Title when you're paying online. If in case, you made a mistake with the filled details please contact us as soon as possible with your transaction ID.

Fee Structure

Author Type Publishing Fee E-certificates Hardcopy
Indian Authors Rs. 1800 NIL Rs. 600
Students Rs. 1200 NIL Rs. 600
Foreign Authors USD 39 ~ As per delivery charges
*Manuscripts with large number of pages will be charged Rs. 100 / USD 2 per page after 10 pages.

What is my Unique Tracking Key?

Your Unique Tracking Key is the combination of your Paper ID and first three characters of your name. Example: For an author with name: Ankit and Paper ID: V3I1-1150, secret key will be V3I1-1150-ANK

Please note that the key is not case-sensitive and special characters like dot (.) or comma (,) are not considered as a valid character. So, if your name is: Dr. Sarvan Thete, then your unique tracking code will be: V3I1-1150-DRS