Volume 3, Issue 7

July, 2018


1. Transition Loss among Adolescents at Secondary Level as Function of Emotional Intelligence, Need level and Stress resistance

The research primarily aims to find out to understand the phenomenon of transition loss of the adolescents transiting from Secondary level to higher/post-secondary level and to identify the extent of the role of emotional intelligence, need level and stress resistance play in it. The research was conducted in the government school of Chhattisgarh of class X, to find the reason of Transition Loss -non-transition of students to class to class XI from class X / The research findings imply that transition does not happen for two main reasons: one for students who are not successful in class X Board examination and the other reason for students not taking admission and non-transition to class XI even after being successful in class X . This is due to due to academic and non-academic reasons. The non-academic reason has a physiological lining. Research findings suggest that emotional intelligence, growth need level and stress resistance have a positive correlation with students success and transition to next grade, whereas transition loss has a negative correlation with emotional intelligence, growth need level and stress resistance. Non-transient students were found to be low in emotional intelligence , need level and stress resistance score.

Published by: Deepa Dass

Research Area: Education

Review Article

2. Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial screening of some furofused coumarines

The synthesis of 3 -(1'- phenyl- 3'-aryl -1H-pyrazol -4'-yl) furo[3,2-c]coumarins (4a-f) and 2-methyl-3-(1'–phenyl-3'-aryl-1H-pyrazol-4'-yl)furo- [3,2-c]coumarins (5a-f) has been carried out by the reaction of various 4-hydroxy coumarins (1a-c) with appropriate 2-(1-phenyl-3-aryl-1H- pyrazol-4-yl)-1-nitro-ethenes (2a-b) and 1-(1-phenyl-3-aryl-1H-pyrazol-4-yl)-2-nitro propenes (3a-b) respectively in the presence of catalytic amount of piperidine in refluxing methanol. All the synthesized compounds (4a-f) and (5a-f) were screened for their antimicrobial activity.

Published by: Dr Jigar Patel

Research Area: Total Synthesis, Spectroscopy and Antimicrobial Drugs.

Research Paper

3. Training needs assessment of Gram Panchayat mukhiya regarding health and family welfare programmes in Bihar state

The Gram Panchayat plays a significant role in the democratic decentralization process, as it is the institution at the bottom level of the system; drawing villagers closer to participate in the decision making for the development. The path of decentralization has been successful in some parts of the country but disparities are present in certain regions /districts in terms of effective implementation, functioning of the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs), and self-generated development initiatives. The present study was undertaken in Patna and Vaishali districts of Bihar State. Five percent of elected Mukhiya was interviewed under the study to understand their nature and degree of participation in PRIs along with the opinion about the acceptability of the fertility regulations methods among married men/women in their areas. In total, half of the Mukhiya were OBC in the selected Panchayats. Only one-fifth of the Mukhiya was found to be computer literate in the selected Panchayats. More than half of the males and one-third of the females were literate. The average distance of the Computer Institute from the selected Panchayats was about 6 km. The work of MANREGA implemented throughout the Panchayats. About 65 percent of the Mukhiya had needed that the Panchayat-members should be involved in the planning of developmental activities for villages in Patna district. Mukhiya in Patna district was involved in activities like; budgeting of the planned activities (50 percent), implementation of the development activities in Panchayat (55 percent) and Health and Family Welfare activities (45 percent). In Vaishali district, the opinion regarding the activities in which Gram Panchayat-members should have active participation was better than those of Mukhiya in Patna district. Most of Mukhiya was involved in the construction of drains and sewer (80 percent), installing the hand pump (50 percent), motivating the villagers for medical support from the PHC/HSC (40 percent). Mukhiya needed training on the regular basis to know and to understand new schemes of the Government for the development of their Panchayats. Only about 35 percent of Mukhiya in Patna and 55 percent Mukhiya in Vaishali districts had always disused the issues of health and family welfare such as ANM visits, immunization of the children, contraceptive distribution and etc. in Gram Panchayats. Only 3 Mukhiya in Patna and 8 Mukhiya in Vaishali districts had discussed TT injection to the pregnant women, the role of ASHA and ANM, children nutrition etc. in the Gram Panchayats meetings. Educational level of Mukhiyas is an important factor for their involvement in the development activities in the villages. Mukhiyas must be educated and enhanced training is needed for the betterment of the villagers.

Published by: Dilip Kumar, Dhanesh Kumar, Binay Kumar Singh

Research Area: Survey Research In Social Science

Review Article

4. Potentially malignant disorder – Oral Erythroplakia: A Review

Oral Erythroplakia is a Potentially malignant disorder. The disorder is strongly associated with substance abuse like smoking and smokeless Tobacco, Alcohol etc. it is most commonly associated with smoking tobacco. The present review article of oral Erythroplakia introduces definitions, clinical and Histopathological diagnostic features and short management chart of oral Erythroplakia which provides an easy key to diagnose and differentiate lesion by medicine specialist, ENT surgeon, Oral Surgeon etc.

Published by: Dr. Kajal Shilu, Dr. Parth Raviya, Dr. Chandramani B. More

Research Area: Oral Precacer

Research Paper

5. Cloud computing security issues and challenges

Cloud computing has raised IT to newer limits by contribution the market environment data storage and volume with springy scalable computing processing power to match elastic demand supply, with reducing capital expenditure. Usually, cloud computing services are delivered by a third party provider who owns the infrastructure. Cloud computing offers an innovative business model for organizations to adopt IT services without upfront investment. Security is one of the major issues which hamper the growth of the cloud. Today, leading players, such as Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and salesforce.com offer their cloud infrastructure for services.

Published by: Gowthami K., Dr. Jagadhesan B.

Research Area: Cloud Computing

Research Paper

6. Study the effect of plastic waste on strength of concrete

In this era of Global Warming, the increase in plastic waste has become a major concern in our society. The influence of plastic waste can be minimized by using them in the concrete. The plastic can lead to the increment in the strength of the mix. The objective of this research is to investigate the effectiveness of using waste plastic as the fine aggregate replacement in concrete mixtures. The compressive and tensile strengths of various concrete specimens were tested to determine how the replacement of fine aggregate by plastic waste would affect the development of strength in the mixes. For different plastics, the different methodology was taken into the consideration. For plastic bottle mix concrete, the size of the bottle had an impact on strength. Both the strength, i.e., compressive and tensile increased due to it. By using the plastic bag and seat, the compressive strength decreases while tensile strength increases while by using PVC in concrete, both the strength increases. The 10% replacement level only showed a 15% loss of compressive strength at 28 days compared to the control. Despite being much weaker in compression, the tensile strength test showed that 10%, 20%, and 30% replacements were stronger in tension compared to the control.

Published by: Gopal Swarup Sangal

Research Area: Structural Engineering

Research Paper

7. Software test maturity and test process improvement

Software testing practices and processes in many companies are far from being mature and are usually conducted in ad-hoc fashions. Such immature practices lead to various negative outcomes, e.g., the ineffectiveness of testing practices in detecting all the defects, and cost and schedule overruns of testing activities. To conduct a test maturity assessment (TMA) and test process improvement (TPI) in a systematic manner, various TMA/TPI approaches and frameworks have been proposed. Motivated by a recent industrial project in TMA/TPI and to identify the state-of-the-art and the –practice in this area and to find out what we know about TMA/TPI, we conducted a multivocal literature review (a systematic review from various sources) on both the scientific literature and also practitioners grey literature (e.g., blog posts) and we present the results in this paper. By summarizing what we know about TMA/TPI, our review identified 58 different test maturity models and a large number of sources with varying degrees of empirical evidence on this topic. This article aims to benefit the readers (both practitioners and researchers) by serving as an evidence-based overview and index to the vast body of knowledge in this important and fast-growing area, in assessing and improving the maturity of test processes by benefitting from both the state-of-the-art and practice.

Published by: Anitha A., K. Rajasekaran

Research Area: Software Testing