Volume 5, Issue 8

August, 2020

Research Paper

1. Management system of paper recycling industry (“Super” Paper Industry)

The purpose of this paper is to apply principles of management system to the paper recycling industry, Namely “Super”. The forecasted sale value for August in 2019 is firstly determined from the given specifications. By using least square method, the standard error of the estimated value is small and the forecasted sales are approximately to actual sale values. Forecasted sales for August in 2019 is 8559 packages. This calculation can help to fix responsibility for production rate. By calculating the depreciation for industry, the industry value at the end of 2019 is 115.236 million MMK and the depreciation is 170.396 million MMK. The expected cost of preventive maintenance is 163,383 MMK in every three months. The managerial accounting can help to identify the underlying cause and this will allow the management to get ahead of the problem. For a better management system, a sorting machine is needed to replace for sorting process. It can also increase customer service and quality. According to the latest current affairs in our country, one trade route to Shan States has been blocked. There was about 60% of products fall in export to Shan States. The information presented to support to the company allows it to make strategic management decisions.

Published by: Khin Hnin Si, Dr. Thandar NweResearch Area: Industrial Management

Organisation: Technological University, Mandalay, MyanmarKeywords: Forecasting, Depreciation, Maintenance and Sorting Machine