Here is the list of general questions that a Author can have in his/her mind. We have tried our best to answer them here for your quick help. If your query is not listed here, please contact using the contact form or send us a mail at: [email protected]

Q. How long does it take for paper review process?

Depending upon the complexity and content of the research work, IJARnD normally takes 5 weeks for thorough peer review. However, papers with average complexity and well formatted usually take 3 weeks for the review process.

Q. When can I submit publication Fee?

Paper submissions are acknowledged instantly with email and SMS, acceptance after a quick review is provided within 15 to 20 days.After quick review process all authors of the paper will receive Acceptance notification e-mail and SMS on their provided contact details. After you receive acceptance e-mail you need to submit publication fee within 7 days.

Q. What kind of paper does IJARnD publish?

IJARnD journal covers all areas of Education, Engineering, Fashion Designing, Legal Education, Management, Mass communication and Media, Medical sciences, Nursing, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Social Sciences, Tourism and management. We publish original research articles, review articles and technical notes.

Q. How can I submit the copyright form?

Authors can easily submit “Digital Copyright form” of their manuscript. You need not print or scan the copyright form. All you have to do enter your “Unique Tracking Code” that you have received in your acceptance email in the space provided below. This will generate your Copyright form.
Once you have verified the information on that pre-generated copyright form, attach a copy of any Govt. issued or approved ID card and click submit

Q. What is the rejection policy of IJARnD?

  • We cannot accept plagiarized papers.
  • The Paper should be in an IJARnD Format.
  • The Paper should be under our domain we publish.

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