Volume 2, Issue 2

. Factors Influencing Customer Loyalty on After-Sales Service among Selected Car Segments

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the factors influencing customer satisfaction and loyalty in Economy, Premium and Super Premium car segments with reference to after sales service of cars. The conceptual framework describes about the influence of Product Quality, Price and Brand Image to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in different car segments. The respondents were from Trichy city, Tamilnadu. The sampling method used for data collection was convenient sampling. 300 respondents were questioned through structured questionnaire. The data were interpreted using tools like Descriptive and ANOVA. The researcher has concluded that product quality, price and brand image are having significance relationship with customer loyalty. The best service could be used as uniqueness in building brand image of service provider.

Published by: Subramani Krishnamurthi, Franklin John SelvarajResearch Area: Marketing

Organisation: Bannari Amman Institute of TechnologyKeywords: Product quality, Price, Brand Image After Sales service, Car Segments

. Biosurfactants - Review

Biosurfactants are a structurally diverse group of surface-active substances synthesized by microorganisms. All biosurfactants are amphiphilic, they consist of two parts—a polar (hydrophilic) moiety and non polar (hydrophobic) group. These biosurfactants have tremendous applications. This review focuses on the varying microorganisms which has the potential ability to synthesize surface active substance, and the microorganisms which has the pivotal role to play in bioremediation.

Published by: Sreeremya.SResearch Area: Biotechnology

Organisation: Sree Narayana Guru College, Coimbatore, Tamil NaduKeywords: Biosurfactants, Surface, Microorganisms, Bioremediation, Polar, Non polar

. Adsorption - Review

Adsorption is a unique process, which has a vast application in laboratories and industries. Adsorption is a process of substance being accumulated in interface between the phases which may be solid-liquid, liquid-liquid, gas-liquid or gas-solid.Adsorbate is the state were the substance being removed from the liquid phase.The review paper deals with the several theory applied in the process of adsorption.The significant factors involved in adsorption.

Published by: Sreeremya.SResearch Area: Biotechnology

Organisation: Sree Narayana Guru College, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,IndiaKeywords: Adsorption, Adsorbate, Interface, Theory, Phase,

. A Review on Microbial Biofilm

A biofilm is a well organized cooperating community of organisms. Biofilm it is a surface based microbial cells. Biofilms are composed primarily of microbial cells and EPS(Extracellular Polymeric Substance). The category microorganisms majorly involved in cell communication and signalling and hence biofilm formation are reviewed in this paper. The major types of microorganisms majorly assisting in biofilm formation such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans, Staphylococci sp are being discussed. The features of biofilm producing organisms were also reviewed in this paper.

Published by: Sreeremya.SResearch Area: Biotechnology

Organisation: Sree Narayana Guru College, Coimbatore,Tamil NaduKeywords: EPS, Extracellular polymeric substance, Microorganisms, Biofilm, Communication.

. Evaluation of Crack Propagation in Bituminous Mix

Crack propagation was experimentally simulated using semicircular specimen with a crack initiated on one side. The work shows that the rate of crack propagation can be described by a power relationship between the stiffness of the mixture and the number of cycles to failure, which is mixture and binder dependent.

Published by: Bidyutprava BeheraResearch Area: Bituminous Material

Organisation: Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, BurlaKeywords: SCB Test, Lime as Additive, Crack Propagation.

. Electro–Mechanical Power Transmission System (Manual 5 Speed Gearbox)

The world is advancing technically in the field of Engineering and Technology; it is never at a standstill. In recent time it has gained greater momentum than ever before. As demand for time increases, people require something less time consuming and fuel less as time is money, something more precise, something accurate, meaning something innovative which can serve the people comfortably. On this path, the science and engineering field is always under development and discoveries having come to the people and serves for their betterment and welfare. Electro-Mechanical power transmission or gearbox is a type of motor vehicle transmission that can run the vehicle using an external source instead of any fuel that can also change gear ratios as the vehicle moves. This change of gears takes place manually which are five speeds. In the coming intro, it clearly explains about the vehicle that totally runs on electro-mechanical power. Generally, electro-mechanical consists of BLDC motor powered by batteries which is an electrical part and a five-speed gearbox transmitting power via chain drive comes under mechanical. The mechanical gear box only consists of a clutch shaft with two driving and driven gear shafts connecting to the rear wheel of the vehicle helps to run. This moving of the vehicle takes place using the power source coming from the solar arrays used to generate electric power and to start the BLDC motor. The output of the batteries is controlled by the controllers and the motor is connected to the driving shaft of the gear box via chain. The power is transmitted from the driving gear shaft to the main gear shaft which drives the rear wheel of the vehicle via chain again. These transfers of power or motion take place under five-speed gear ratios operated manually for different speeds. To reduce the fossil fuel there is a requirement to adopt any alternative technique which can overcome fuels to be utilized, thus the technique using of solar arrays and making the vehicle to run on batteries with the help of the innovational power transmission gear box captured the fuels.

Published by: Saif Bin Abdullah, Mohammed Anwar, Syed Abubaker Pasha, Moinuddin, Mohd Ali JunaidResearch Area: Automobiles

Organisation: Lords Institute of Engineering & TechnologyKeywords: BLDC Motor, Batteries, Electro - Mechanical, Gear box, Power and Charge Controllers, Solar Arrays.

. Survey on Mechanisms to Detect and Mitigate the Impact of Sinkhole Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks

Sinkhole attack is an active attack, launched in a Wireless Sensor Network by compromising a legitimate node or by introducing a malicious node in order to gain the traffic routed towards it before reaching the base station, by making a false advertisement in the routing information of its nearest distance to reach the base station. Due to this fake information the data packets under transmission are routed towards the malicious node through which the attacker can gain the access to the information, tamper the information or may even destroy it. Thus, this attack causes a severe threat to the normal functionality of the Wireless Sensor Network. Because of the wider range of applicability of Wireless Sensor Networks in our day-to-day life and in future the detection and mitigation of Sinkhole attack plays a vital role. In this view, a survey on the existing mechanisms to detect and mitigate the Sinkhole attack, their advantages and drawbacks is being documented by us in this paper.

Published by: Amulya D, C. N. ChinnaswamyResearch Area: Wireless Sensor Networks(Computer Network Engineering)

Organisation: The National Institute of Engineering, MysuruKeywords: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Sinkhole Attack, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), base station

. Synthesis And Characterisation Of A New Heterocyclic Schiff Base Ligand Derived From 4-Amino Antipyrine.

A new heterocyclic Schiff base ligand and their complexes have been synthesized from 4-aminoantipyrine , thiophene-2-Carboxaldehyde and 2-amino benzoic acid. The ligand and its transition metal complexes of Cu(II), Co(II) , Ni(II) and Zn(II) are characterized by UV, FTIR NMR and Mass studies. The antibacterial and antifungal activity of the ligand and the metal complexes were tested.

Published by: E. Thamarai Selvi, S. MahalakshmiResearch Area: Organic Chemistry

Organisation: Anna Adarsh College for women, Anna Nagar , ChennaiKeywords: Heterocyclic Schiff base , 4-Amino Antipyrine , Transition Metal Complexes.

. Design and Analysis of Leaf Springs for Weight Reduction by Using Natural Fiber Composites Instead Of Steel

Automobile world has an increased interest in reduction of weight by the replacement of steel by natural fiber reinforced composites. Moreover, the composite materials have more elastic strain energy storage capacity and high strength capacity and high strength to weight ratio compared to steel. Natural fibers are emerging as low cost, lightweight and apparently environmentally superior alternatives to glass fibers in composites. The aim of present work is to compare the Glass-Fiber-Reinforced - Composite (GFRC) leaf spring with a Natural-Fiber-Reinforced Composite/Jute-Fiber – Reinforced – Composite (NFRC/JFRC) leaf spring. Fabrication is carried by hand lay-up technique and tested. The present work carries analytical and simulated results comparison of both types of composite leaf springs. The testing was performed experimentally with the help of Universal Testing Machine (UTM) and by Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using ANSYS. Stresses and Deflection were verified with analytical and experimental results. Compared to the GFRC leaf spring, the NFRC Composite material spring has stresses much lower to steel and the spring weight is also reduced nearly to 60-70%.The NFRC leaf spring resulted reduction in deflection and stresses without compromising stiffness as experimentally and analytically. Keywords: Composites, Natural Fibers, Leaf Spring, design constrains, analysis.

Published by: Y. Sai BhargavResearch Area: Mechanical

Organisation: Vijay Rural Engineering College, TelanganaKeywords: Composites, Natural Fibers, Leaf Spring, Design Constraints, Analysis.