Volume 2, Issue 10

Volume 2, Issue 10

October, 2017

Research Paper

1. Rising Tourism Startups: A Key Reason “Social Media”

The significance of social media is rising in the tourism startups. An ever increasing number of specialists are attempted research in the ranges of the effect of online social networking on the tourism business. The objective of this paper is to understand the growing significance of social media in the tourism industry and to comprehend the effect of online social networking in the tourism startups. The reason for this study is to evaluate the future contribution of online social media in the years to go ahead the tourism business so it benefits the tourism industry and the travelers comprehensively. The purpose of the study is to encourage the utilization of social media in the tourism startups. For tourism start-ups it is important to interact with customers and engage them with the company’s product. The motivation behind this paper is to research how social media endeavors in online networking can be effective in drawing in clients for new businesses. It additionally tries to see how an entrepreneur of a start-up, perceive utilizing web-based social networking to develop its business and utilizations online networking to draw in with its clients. The paper has demonstrated that Facebook is more proficient and that online social media is powerful in spreading informal exchange and connecting with clients

Published by: Shalu SinghResearch Area: Tourism Startups

Organisation: Garden City University, BangaloreKeywords: Travel, Tourism, Startups, Social Media, Consumer, Tourist.

Research Paper

2. A Study to Determine the Effectiveness of Psychoneurobics on the Level of Stress Among Women in the Age Group of 20 Years to 50 Years in a Club at Bangalore ; A Pilot Study

The aim of this study is to find out the effectiveness of psychoneurobic practice on stress Management. The Simplest definition of stress is a response to demands 1 As per Survey Report of Manovikasa Psychological Institute, India, Indian women are suffering from severe stress. Hence this Research is focused towards decreasing the stress level in women group through psychoneurobic practice. Psychoneurobics is an Energy Therapy. In psychoneurobic, we inhale the Cosmic Energy through the power of mind and then transfer it to our body, neuro-system.. The experimental approach is used for this pilot study and design was one group pre-test and post-test for women group aged between 20 to 50 years in a club. The women group were trained to practice psychoneurobics (peaceful neurobics) and neurobic machine is used to measure stress level. Paired T Test was used for statistical analysis. The Psyconeurobic practice revealed that there is a decrease in stress level among women, thereby improving the quality of life at the outset.

Published by: AmarnathResearch Area: Psychoneurobics or Psychology.

Organisation: SIGFA College of Yoga and PsychoneurobicsKeywords: Stress, Effectiveness, Psychoneurobics, Women, Neurobic Machine.

Research Paper

3. Design and Analysis of Vertical Evaporator Refrigerator without Freezer Compartment

The aim of this paper is to design analysis of Regular 190L household direct cool vertical evaporator refrigerator with refrigerant 134a. In this household refrigerator. The usable cabinet space is improved by 25~30 % with roll bond vertical evaporator by instead of conventional c or o type roll bond evaporator. This improvement in usable space is based on volume of existing evaporator ie freezer section of house hold direct cool refrigerator. The design finalization of cooling circuit and internal volume of vertical evaporator is done based on 43° no load pull down test and 32°C energy test. Based on 43°C pull down test , freezer section becomes warmer by approximately 9°C~12°C so it can be considered as refrigerator without freezer compartment. further extension this vertical evaporator, one perforated cover is added to this bare roll bond panel of vertical evaporator from customer safety and aesthetic point of view. And This vertical evaporator refrigerator with 1 perforated cover then compared with base line refrigerator. The energy improvement found with vertical evaporator refrigerator with 1 perforated cover when compared to base line refrigerator is 9~10 %.

Published by: Ashish Devidas Matkar, R. D. Shelke, H. N. DeshpandeResearch Area: Mechanical-Heat Power-on Refrigeration

Organisation: PES, Modern College of Engineering. PuneKeywords: Vertical Evaporator, Without Freezer Compartment.

Research Paper

4. Comparision of Oral vs. Topical Ofloxacin in Csom (Safe/Tubotympanic/Active Mucosal Type)

Chronic Supperative otitis media a commonly encountered clinical condition in ENT causing hearing impairment disability social stigma and poor school performance. The incidence of chronic otitis media (COM) appears to depend on socio-economic factors. The present study compared the efficacy of oral, topical and combined oral plus topical ofloxacin to make discharging ear dry in patients suffering from chronic otitis media (active mucosal type). A total of 150 patients suffering from chronic otitis media selected for the study. Patients with uncomplicated discharging Com who were eligible for the study were explained about their condition and a written consent was obtained for the study baseline audiometry was done in all patients participating in the study. The patients were then divided into 3 groups by random sampling method. Group A - only topical antibiotic Group B - only Oral antibiotic Group C - Combined oral plus topical antibiotic In our study, only topical ofloxacin is better and cost-effective than only oral and combined oral plus topical ofloxacin in controlling discharge in COM. cases. We can safely prescribe only topical ofloxacin drops as empirical therapy to control symptoms of com which is cost effective in comparison to oral ofloxacin and devoid of systemic side effects. In the absence of systemic infection, topical ofloxacin alone constitute first-line treatment for most patients with chronic otitis media (active mucosal type) No evidence suggests that systemic ofloxacin alone or in combination with topical preparations improve treatment outcomes compared with topical ofloxacin alone

Published by: Sachin Verma, Nikunj Jain, Ambuj Kumar SinghResearch Area: ENT

Organisation: M. S. District Hospital Aligarh U.P. IndiaKeywords: CSOM, Oral vs. topical, Antibiotics, Ofloxacin


5. Isolation and Identification of Bacteria

Present study was proposed to investigate the status of bacteriological parameter at haridwar,water samples were collected from five different sites for analysis of isolation and identification using bacteriological culture or medium.The results of anaylzed parameter were compared with scientifically approved water quality criteria to understand the status,quality of water,environment present study was recorded whole area due to extreme level of bacteriological analysis ,which may cause dreadful effects on aquatic life.

Published by: Dr. Deepika VatsResearch Area: Science

Organisation: Himalayan Garhwal University, Pauri, GarhwalKeywords: Dreadful, Effects, Aquatic life, Culture.

Review Article

6. Study of Homosexuality Acceptance

This Research paper comprises of many aspects in treatment of Homosexuality in different continents. Using different analysis and surveys carried out in last decade author analyzes macro-determinants and effects of Treatment of homosexuality. It also tries to describe different thought processes regarding concept of homosexuality in various communities across the continents. The author also draws insight from countries where homosexuality is permissible in various societies. At the end taking fair and strong points of objective the author concludes about modernization processes in increasing social acceptance of homosexuality in various societies in societies of different countries.

Published by: Gurucharan Singh BaggaResearch Area: Human Behavior

Organisation: Shiv Jyoti Covent School, Kota, RajasthanKeywords: Homosexuality, Determinants, Societies

Research Paper

7. Diphtheria - Correlation of Clinical Disease with Lab Diagnosis and Vaccination Status

Diphtheria is an acute infectious disease of upper respiratory tract caused by toxigenic strains of Corynebacterium diphtheriae (CD) and Corynebacterium other than diphtheria (COD). The organism is locally invasive and causes exotoxin - mediated illness and can lead to complications like stridor, respiratory obstruction, myocarditis, nerve palsy, renal insufficiency and death in severe cases. The objective of The study was to isolate, identify and confirm the organisms in the laboratory from the throat swabs of clinical diphtheria cases, correlate clinical disease and immunization status of the individual and compare serum antibody titers in immunized & non immunized patients with clinical disease. One hundred fifty patients presenting with fever, sore throat and membrane in the throat were included in the study and throat swabs were collected for direct microscopic examination for KLB and culture. In vitro Toxigenicity, testing by Elek’s Gel precipitation test was done for all CD isolates. Serum samples were tested for circulating anti diphtheria IgG antibody levels by ELISA. Results Showed Out of one hundred fifty clinical cases, fifty were culture positive of which thirteen were both culture and KLB positive. Elek’s gel precipitation test was positive for two CD positive cases. ELISA showed the rise in antibody titer in twenty-two patients. CD was isolated in six immunized and ten non immunized individuals COD was isolated in fourteen immunized and twenty non immunized individuals.The present study concludes that diphtheria due to CD is severe and associated with high morbidity and mortality. It affects non immunized and those with low protective circulating IgG antibodies. The disease can occur in milder form in immunized individuals.

Published by: Dr. Ambika Hingolekar, Dr. M. Meera BaiResearch Area: Medical Microbiology

Organisation: Osmania Medical College, HyderabadKeywords: Diphtheria, Corynebacterium Diphtheriae, Immunization, Klebs-Loeffler’s bacillus, Elek’s Gel Precipitation Test, ELISA.

Research Paper

8. Effectiveness of VATM Regarding Knowledge on BLS among UG Students of Sumandeep Nursing College, Waghodia


Published by: Patel Krupali, Patel Nirali, Patel Pooja, Rathod Richa, Mr. Kevin Christian, Dr. Ravindra H. N.Research Area: Nursing

Organisation: Sumandeep Vidhyapeeth, Pipariya, Vadodara, GujaratKeywords: Basic Life Support, Video Assisted Teaching Model, Nursing Students, Knowledge, Pre-Test, Post-Test.

Review Article

9. Role of E-Commerce in Supply Chain Management

As markets become intertwined on a global scale, the way customer demands are being supplied is getting redefined. Raw materials, labour, and production can be obtained from a dynamic range of sources as businesses large and small look for the lowest cost. This is why supply chain management is incredibly important to the growing e-commerce sector. As production takes on a more global field, coordination and control of the flow of a company’s goods become all the more integral to ensuring smooth and productive operations. This paper explains about how SCM in e-commerce activities and why is it important.

Published by: Nimna V. PResearch Area: Supply Chain Management

Organisation: Zamorin’s Guruvayurappan College, KeralaKeywords: E-commerce, Role, Supply Chain Management

Research Paper

10. Effective of Hydrastis in Treatment of Cholelithiasis – An Observation Study

Studies using Homoepathy have reported beneficial effects from treating in cholelithiasis. Cholelithiasis is a clinical syndrome characterized by pain in the upper abdomen especially in the right hypochondriac region, back between the shoulder blades and right shoulder followed by nausea and vomiting. Cholelithiasis is a global health problem that is often treated with homeopathy. The objective of this review will be to evaluate the effectiveness of homoeopathic medicines in Cholelithiasis with Hydrastis. The clinical study was undertaken with an aim to prove the efficacy of Homoeopathic medicines in cases of Cholelithiasis at Bhartish Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital and Research center, Karnataka. All indicated homoeopathic medicines on the base of a totality of symptoms which prove beneficial for all the case and thus the effectiveness of homoepathic medicines was proved in the treatment of Cholelithiasis with Hydrastis. Material Methods: Total 30 patients of cholelithiasis are selected in this observation study. Result: over a period of December 2014 to December 2016, all indices throughout the follow-up period, this reduction was seen in cholelithiasis. Result: out of 30 cases, 22 (73.33%) patients are got recovered, 6 (20%) patients are improved and 2 (6.66%) patients are not improved. Conclusion: There is a significant re-education of pain and other symptoms of cholelithiasis.

Published by: Dr. Basavaraj S. Adi, Dr. Sivarami Reddy .EResearch Area: Homoeopathic.

Organisation: Bhartish Homoeopathic Medical College, Belgaum, KarnatakaKeywords: Cholelithiasis, Hydrastis, Homoeopathy, and outcome.

Review Article

11. Operation Research in Financial Sector

The research paper specifically concentrates on the actual mathematical use of Operations Research in Financial markets. To understand the use of operation research within the financial market it is important to move with a specified structure covering all aspect of the application of these techniques. The research paper first begins with discussing the attractiveness of financial market and the use of operation research within it. The research paper further provides the frequency and percentage of use of different operations techniques in the financial markets, this analysis the proportion of use of certain operation concepts within the financial market. Further the research paper highlights various financial problems and how Operation Research is applied in these issues: funding decisions, Economic Understanding, strategic problems, regulatory and legal problems and imperfections in financial markets. This paper also analysis major operations concept such as portfolio theory and its application. The research paper also divulges into the details of valuation of assets such as valuation of MBS and CMO’s, bonds and bonds stripping. Operation research is not only applied for decision making or valuations, it has immense use in Enterprise-wide Risk Management, which talks about how the application of Operation Research in the financial word by managing risks helps reaping rewards.

Published by: Mayank Jain, Krthik Seth, Keshav Aggarwal, Madalsa Dixit, Kushal AgarwalResearch Area: Operation Research

Organisation: Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, MumbaiKeywords: Operation Research, Financial Sector, Funding Decisions, Economic Understanding, Strategic Problems, Regulatory And Legal Problems, Imperfections In Financial Markets, Portfolio Theory, Valuation Of MBS And CMO’S, Valuation Of Bonds And Bonds Stripping, Enterprise-Wide Risk Management.

Research Paper

12. Stabilization of Floating Body with Triple Pendulum

This paper presents an innovative method to stabilize any floating body caused by vibration due to sea waves, lateral movement, wind force and other causing forces with the use of the three-degree pendulum. Use of tuned mass dampers (TMD) is most common in high rise buildings, in ships or in bridges. In Single degree pendulum there is the only radial way to move and to counteract vibrations caused in any structure or floating bodies. Using three-degree pendulum in floating bodies like ships gives three degrees of freedom to pendulum to resist shocks occurring in this type of floating bodies. A parametric study is carried out to see the behavior of this type of bodies without dampers, with single-degree pendulum and three-degree pendulum. The response of floating bodies to shocks was observed for varying conditions.

Published by: Vijay Parmar, Malay Trivedi, Kishan ParmarResearch Area: Marine Structures.

Organisation: Charted Engineer, GujaratKeywords: Triple Pendulum, Vibration Control, Resistance against Shocks Waves, Behavior of Pendulum, Damping, Tuned Mass Damper, Experimental Investigation.

Research Paper

13. Key Determinants for Venture Capitalist to Invest in Online Furnishing Startups in India

This research focuses to understand the Indian online furnishing startup industry & How it's been evolved & scope of the online furniture industry in India. Formulize understanding as a Venture capitalist guide for investment decision making. To begin new pursuit thought and vision is the prime fixing in light of the skill and the center ability of the business visionary, however, to execute and actualize the same business person need fund and capital. To begin and scale up the endeavor in both the situation a business need the capital pool which can be encouraged through the investor. We as a whole know all the endeavors are connected with the danger and the likelihood of the achievement and disappointment should be measured in this manner VCs likewise need the proper due industriousness before begin financing to any endeavor. Making cash or getting the arrival as well as monetary development and worth expansion to the economy should be considered by the Vcs. Presently it's the fundamental obligation of the examination firm to encourage all the references relating to the Industry/Business model/Growth potential/Value expansion to the general public/challenges and leave arrangement from all the measurements to settle on an official choice to go up against it the next level.

Published by: Shalu SinghResearch Area: Start up

Organisation: Garden City College, Bangalore, KarnatakaKeywords: Startups, Venture Capitalist, Online, Retails, Furnishing Industry, VUCA, Investment.

Review Article

14. From Solitude to Solidarity in Shashi Deshpande’s Novel that Long Silence

Most of the Indian women in India remain silent throughout their life time despite many problems and countless instances of atrocities committed against women at various stages. Shashi Deshpande’s artistic and acclaimed novel That Long Silence is a portrayal of the silences of the Indian housewives in the late nineties. Many female writers either create unreal sentimental romances or finally succumb to the temptation of feminist ideology. But Deshpande has created characters based on the real life experience in her novels. She shows how the women revolt against gender discrimination and try to search their own identity in the hostile world of male chauvinism. But at the same time, she also has consideration for a home – a home of peace and love that can provide security to women.

Published by: Ms. E. A. Vimala, Dr. M. LeelavathiResearch Area: Literature

Organisation: Govt. Arts College, CoimbatoreKeywords: Shashi Deshpande, Solitude to Solidarity, That Long Silence.

Review Article

15. How Artificial Intelligence in Impacting Real life Everyday

Artificial intelligence in today’s world is progressing rapidly with new advanced innovations day in day out. Today’s computer systems are designed to perform small tasks, for instance, facial recognition, car driving, and performance of other minor duties. However, the primary goal of artificial intelligence is to develop advanced and more complex systems that would outperform humans at whatever way. This includes the performance of more complicated tasks like playing chess and solving equations. Therefore, the future goal of AI is to perfect all human activities and provide better solutions to problems than the human can do. In the long term, an automated system that does all the human functions from controlling cars to computerized business systems will pose several challenges. More so, in preventing the development of lethal arms that significantly harm humans once they are used to attack. As a result, the development of super AI that undergoes self-improvement, triggering intelligence explosion would leave the human intellectual capacity by far. The development of a super AI will mark the greatest invention in the human history. Consequently, the invention of more advanced technologies has significantly helped in war eradication, proper means of fighting diseases and developing appropriate prevention measures. Furthermore, advanced technology would much help in fighting against poverty.

Published by: Indrasen PoolaResearch Area: Artificial Intelligence

Organisation: Industry ConsultantKeywords: Artificial Intelligence, Performace, Automated System

Research Paper

16. Shotgun Houses: Application in India

Vernacular architecture is one of the architectural styles that is designed on the base of the local needs. In vernacular style, SHOTGUN HOUSES is one of the most famous housing techniques. These houses are a narrow rectangular domestic residence that is constructed not more than about 12feet (3.5m) wide, the alternate names for the shotgun houses are "SHOTGUN HUT","SHOTGUN COTTAGE" etc. in India it is seen in very rare places. The objective of this research is to discuss the possibilities of constructing shotgun houses in India.

Published by: Upendra .V, Ar. Ashish SharmaResearch Area: Architecture

Organisation: Amity University, Madhya PradeshKeywords: Shotgun Cottage, Vernacular Architecture, Domestic Residence

Research Paper

17. Study of Solving the Unemployment Problem by Ornamental Fishery Trade: An Overview of West Bengal

This title framing on “Solving the unemployment problem by ornamental fishery trade brings peace in our family in the new perspective” has been taken, because different problems can be solved by this subject. Earning livelihood, taking responsibility of the family and properly maintaining the family is very difficult in this time to the poor people. The way of earning a normal income has been found out and even there is a possibility of being a remarkable job in future. And the ingredients to give pleasure to the family have been hidden in it. It is a suitable job for the developing and under-developing countries like us. It has a far-spreading result which is able to strengthen the Economical, Political, and Social bound in our society. As the concept is very ideal for this country, because most people are unemployed, below poverty, some of them are addicted, some family members are involved in quarreling every day, lead an unhappy life and they have little social respect comparatively. As it has been got honored as social business, so the business can be started at the level of basic, advanced and corporate. In an international field it has spread out and it is able to bring foreign money. The economic development, socialization, and understanding have been increased among persons, families, and society. To involvement in different constructive works in society has been increased. In some fields, they have taken a role of leadership. Overall they have turned into an icon.

Published by: Patit Paban Halder, Dr. Debansu ChatterjeeResearch Area: Sociology

Organisation: Seacom Skills University, KolkataKeywords: Unemployment, Ornamental Fishery Trade, Peace in Family.