Volume 4, Issue 5

Volume 4, Issue 5

May, 2019

Research Paper

1. Campus Connect: A training scheduling system

This project was designed and developed as a training-scheduling system that helps to create schedules between several users. The system has four components: scheduling module, assignments, and certification, management of data and study material. The project makes use of a greedy algorithm that helps to create schedules and detect conflicts. The algorithm has the following course of action, select available time, find available room, look for an appropriate trainer based on the constraints set by the user.

Published by: Aditya Pandey, Ojas Modi, Abhishek Singh Chauhan, Siddharth MohanResearch Area: Scheduling Systems In Institutions

Organisation: IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad, Uttar PradeshKeywords: Scheduling, Greedy algorithm, Scheduling system

Research Paper

2. Data leakage detection and Security Strategies

In many organizations, business scenarios and company outsource its data to the other company or organization or agents, all these agents are known as trusted third party agents. The knowledge owner provides the confidential knowledge to the sure third party agents and their risk that any of that sure agent will leak the potential data. It is obligatory to notice the guilty agent, who leaks the data to unauthorized agents. For identification of leaked data in the existing system uses watermarking technique and data allocation strategies with adding fake objects. However, it has a deficiency is that watermarking data can be modified or change. In projected system uses AES algorithmic rule for coding of requested knowledge. As a result, an unauthorized party is unable to view or access confidential data. One more technique used for up probabilities of police work guilty agent is raincoat (Media Access Control) address.

Published by: Vaibhav Patel, Vaibhav GangwarResearch Area: Online Security

Organisation: IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad, Uttar PradeshKeywords: Allocation strategies, Data oozing, Data privacy, Fake records, Leakage model

Research Paper

3. Guar gum based matrix tablets for modified release

Extended release model allows at least a twofold decrease in the drug dose frequency compared to the conventional (immediate release) dosage form. The current study investigates the guar gum modified release tablet containing gylcine and guar gum with different ratios and investigate the modified release tablets containingpolyvinyl-pyrolidone (PVP) by wet granulation method . The tablets were tested according to the British Pharmacopeia (BP) with the appropriate tests. The relation of the swelling factor to the concentration of guar gum and glycine depended on the ratios used such that decrease in glycine or increase in guar gum increased the swelling factor. The formulations having low amounts of glycine and high amounts of guar gum mainly depend on the high swelling index of guar gum. High glycine and low guar gum ratios enhance the matrix erosion in direct proportion manner. This proved that the higher swelling and the lower erosion could be obtained by reducing the glycine and increasing the guar gum to form stronger gel for the design extended release formulations. Moreover, the hydrophilic property of the PVP enhances dramatically the swelling index of the matrix with unclear increase in the erosion. The PVP increases the swelling of the matrix of formulation 2 from 297.6% to 342.7% and the erosion from 39.1% to 40.6%. The (5 % glycine and 55 % guar gum) formulation was the best formulation out of the glycine and guar gum blends for the sustained release purposes as it described the slowest release out of the guar gum and glycine formulations which enabled the table to be administered every 16 hours. Additionally, on adding polyvinyl-pyrolidone (PVP), it enabled the release of the theophylline dose over 20hours, which could lead to one-day administration of the theophylline tablet. According to the aforementioned results, the formulation including the glycine, guar gum and PVP blends was found to be the best model for the extended release tablets.

Published by: Samuel Girgis, Samuel HakimResearch Area: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Organisation: University of Sunderland, Sunderland, EnglandKeywords: Guar gum, Glycine, Polyvinylpyrolidone, Theophylline, Direct compression, Wet granulation

Research Paper

4. Online quiz application

An Online Quiz Application is the most widely used application nowadays. It is one of the most helpful ways to conduct examinations or to prepare for them in any organization. The programs which help in conducting the exam in an effective way and saves time are Online Quiz Programs. It also helps to get through the tutorials of particular topics. You can put forth any query of yours and you will get the appropriate answer to your question. Therefore, it can be said that an Online Quiz Application helps you to save time in giving exams and provides security. This research paper will describe a Quiz Application that helps the students in a college or in a university to give exams in an effective way.

Published by: Navneet Singh Malik, Navdeep Tomar, Omvesh ChaudharyResearch Area: Computer Science And Engineering

Organisation: IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad, Uttar PradeshKeywords: QuizApp, String tokenizer, Save money and time

Research Paper

5. The impact of significant factors of digital leadership on gamification marketing strategy

An organization that has a better understanding of customer experience creates offerings promise greater value-in-use than similar competing offerings, which enable the most innovative organizations in the world to outperform their competitors. Therefore, they are looking for employing modern concepts in marketing with research based on success factors. Therefore, this study aims to identify the effect of significant factors of digital leadership on gamification marketing strategy. This study was applied in Iraq. A conceptual model was developed to explain the relationship between the variables. The measurement scale examined the basic factors (digital culture, digital insights, digital competence, digital strategy) and their effect in gamification marketing strategy in order to identify the relationships between the variables, the study reached the conclusion that there is a great positive importance to the use of digital leadership factors in gamification marketing strategy.

Published by: Yousef Hichaim Sultan, Karar Saleh SuhailResearch Area: Business Management & Marketing

Organisation: University of Kufa, Kufa, IraqKeywords: Strategy, Digital culture, Digital insights, Digital competence, Digital strategy, SEM

Research Paper

6. Key factors for strategic investment projects in the agricultural sector in Iraq: Success and failure

This paper aims to find out the critical factors for Strategic Investment Projects In the agricultural Sector in Iraq It also aims to develop the strategies and means required to overcome the major difficulties that come in the course of failure in order to achieve futuristic project success. The paper adopts a quantitative analysis that applied to the data of the unsuccessful and slowing down projects that are issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning/ Ministry of Agriculture/ Federal Financial Control Bureau in 2017. depending on qualitative analysis the analysis shows that various fundamental factors have contributed to the increase in failure instances all over Iraq and these include financial reasons, financial allocations and discrepancy of funding sources, which are considered as the most important reasons behind the failure and success of projects.

Published by: Dr. Mohammed Hussein Manhal Al-Iessa, Dr. Waleed Abbas Jebur Al - Daamee, Dr. Hider Hamode AliResearch Area: Business Management

Organisation: University of Basra, Basra, IraqKeywords: Failure causes, Failure project, Management risk, Project management, Success project

Research Paper

7. Post-harvest crop management system using IoT and AI

With the fast pace of modern lifestyle, there is an increase in demand for perishable food (fruits and vegetables) in marts and retail groceries. The increasing demand leads to higher profit; meanwhile, large quantities and a wider variety of food items impose further challenges on the management of the food supply chains. All of these factors can lead to a significant amount of shortage of food items and a substantial retail loss. The recent development of tracing and tracking technologies, which facilitate effective monitoring of the inventory level and product quality continuously, can greatly improve the performance of the food supply chain and reduce spoilage waste. This work aims to develop a highly cost-effective system for food supply chain management system and connect our farmers with this technology through the internet. It will monitor the foods (crops) stored in the supply chain inventories using IoT and AI and provide status about their quality (state of deterioration) and estimate stock value/price based on it. We prove the existence of optimality for the design of the perishable food supply chain. We gave the single-item supply chain problem searching algorithm to produce the optimal allocation of shelf space among these items for practical implementation. Finally, we provide numerical examples to demonstrate the effectiveness of our solution.

Published by: Chanchal Kumar Mishra, ChakshuResearch Area: Computer Science And Engineering

Organisation: IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad, Uttar PradeshKeywords: Post-harvest, Perishable food, Supply chain, Demographics, Thingspeak, IoT, AI

Research Paper

8. Usage of consortia and electronic information resources by the students and faculty members in engineering college libraries

The present study dealt with the consortia and electronic information resources used by the students and faculty members in engineering college libraries of Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. A total number of 1900 questionnaires were distributed and 1216 filled-in questionnaires were received. The study found that the majority of the respondents (85.8%) are aware of AICTE-INDEST Consortia. The study found that the majority of (76.1%) are frequently using AICTE-INDEST Consortia electronic information resources. The study also found that the majority (79.2%) of are accessing e-journals from AICTE-INDEST IEEE/IET Online (IEL) Database.

Published by: Mythili RajyalakshmiResearch Area: Engineering College Libraries

Organisation: Dravidian University, Kuppam, Andhra PradeshKeywords: Consortia, AICTE-INDEST, Electronic information resources, Respondents, Engineering college libraries

Research Paper

9. The role of tribal women in Panchayat Raj System in Chitradurga Taluk of Chitradurga District- A study

Abstract: The Village Panchayat or elected council had large powers, both executive and judicial. The land was distributed by this panchayat. In the time of the Rigveda (1700 BC), evidence suggests that self-governing village bodies called 'sabhas' existed. The panchayat was destroyed by the East India Company when it was granted the office of Diwan in 1765 in Bengal by the Mughal Emperor. The Royal Commission on Decentralization (1907) under the chairmanship of C.E.H. Hobhouse recognized the importance of panchayat at the village level. At least in part to provide the Gandhiji goal of direct political participation of people at the grass root level, in 1956, the National Development Council appointed a committee under Balwant Rai Mehta, which submitted its report in 1957 in which it recommended. The 73rd Amendment to the Constitution enacted in 1992 added a new part-IX to the Constitution. It also added a new XI schedule containing a list of 29 functional items for Panchyat and made statutory provisions for the establishment, empowerment, and functioning of Panchayat Raj institutions. Some provisions of this amendment are binding on the States, while others have been left to be decided by respective State Legislatures at their discretion

Published by: L. Nagarajappa, Dr. R. G. ChidanandaResearch Area: Political Science

Organisation: Government Arts College, Chitradurga, KarnatakaKeywords: Panchayat, Village Panchayat, 73rd Amendment, Three Tier, Tribal women, President, Control of men

Research Paper

10. Safeguarding identity with change: An analysis of the LGBT community

The issues regarding the LGBT community has been debated for a long and it has a great significance in the contemporary world. These paper aims have an analysis of the LGBT community and the issues faced by them. The term LGBT comprises of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. Initially, this paper describes the composition of the LGBT community. A global perspective as well as an India perspective, and the analysis of the landmark judgment for decriminalizing Section 377 has been provided. The core of the paper lies with the connection of human rights with sexual orientation and gender identity.

Published by: Parvathy V.Research Area: Law

Organisation: Mar Gregorios College of Law, Thiruvananthapuram, KeralaKeywords: LGBT, Gender identity, UDHR, ECHR

Research Paper

11. Sexual harassment in organizations: An investigation of the #Me Too movement in India

Sexual harassment has been and still continues to be a major issue across countries and different industries. It does not matter whether the workplace is a construction site with daily wage earners or an MNC where people come from highly qualified backgrounds. Often employees face low job satisfaction and high attrition because of such unwanted incidents. An insecure and hostile work environment is created by Sexual Harassment, which hampers the person’s work efficiency by adversely affecting their social and economic growth. Safety of people is of grave concern and a lot has been written and talked about it. But these conversations have always been a hush hush one. Majority of this harassment takes place because the victims prefer not to report and because people do not come forward to help the victims. The paper aims at highlighting different legal implications of sexual harassment along with the present situation of sexual harassment at the workplace.

Published by: Tumpa DeyResearch Area: Gender Studies

Organisation: Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad, TelanganaKeywords: #Me Too, Sexual harassment, Workplace harassment, Insecure work environment, POSH

Review Paper

12. SMS security for Andriod platform by using RSA

The users of mobile based on Android were increasing every day. Mobile phone users send and receive a simple text message by using Short Message Service (SMS). When a user sends any confidential data through the message it is very difficult to protect it. SMS does not provide a secure medium. Information about every aspect of our lives needs to be kept secure from attackers and transfer safely over an insecure channel. Cryptography provides security services that enhance the security of data processing systems and transfers of information. Encryption, hiding or covering data provides data confidentiality. Asymmetric key cryptography algorithm RSA is used for encryption and decryption of the message. The user can obtain security of text message using RSA. In this system, the RSA algorithm is used for providing a secure medium on the mobile platform.

Published by: Thandar MyintResearch Area: Science and Technology

Organisation: Technological University, Mandalay, MyanmarKeywords: Android, Cryptography, RSA, SMS

Research Paper

13. Analysis of change in mechanical properties and microstructure of steel specimen under PWHT

In this work, we have analyzed the effect of heat treatment on the properties of steel specimens before and after welding under various heat treatment processes. Specimens were subjected to heat treatment in an electric muffle furnace. Heat treatment temperature, soaking time and cooling rate were selected as per phase diagram of specimen material. Specimens (before and after welding) were tested for mechanical properties before and after heat treatment. Different heat treatment processes compared with respect to their effect on the properties of single and welded specimens.

Published by: Sourav KumarResearch Area: Mechanical Engineering

Organisation: Arni University, Kangra, Himachal PradeshKeywords: Heat treatment, Soaking, Steel, Welding, Post heat treatment