Volume 3, Issue 12

Volume 3, Issue 12

December, 2018

Case Study

1. A study on employee retention strategies at Hyundai Motor India Limited in digital era

In today’s scenario, retaining the employees is becoming a challengeable job. Hiring knowledge people for the job is essential for an employer. But the retention is more important than hiring because the employees are valuable assets to the organization. So it is the responsibility of the organization to develop the strategies in order to retain the employee. Today, employees are different. They are not the ones who don’t have good opportunities in hand. As soon as they feel dissatisfied with the current employer or the job, they switch over to the next job.

Published by: N. MuthuselviResearch Area: Commerce

Organisation: Mangayarkarasi College of Arts and Science for Women, Madurai, Tamil NaduKeywords: ITI- Industrial Training Institute

Review Paper

2. The power of knowledge: A mini review

Knowledge is familiarity or understanding of something or someone through experience. Gaining knowledge is acquiring information, skills or facts through education, experience or through other means of understanding. This article gives information on this topic in a way to impart more knowledge about this topic and also bring more understanding of the subject matter. This review provides the basic definition of knowledge and the power that knowledge commands. Moreover, the review gives a clear description of how knowledge is resourceful in an individual point of view. Also, the text has described the relationship between knowledge and technology.

Published by: Nasser Salim Ali Al ShekailiResearch Area: Arts, Social Sciences

Organisation: Ministry of Health, Muscat, OmanKeywords: Power, Knowledge, Technology

Research Paper

3. Cathode ray propulsion rocket

The Cathode Ray Propulsion Rocket is working by an atomic reactor power supply source with a rectifier for the D.C. current which is needed for cathode ray tube. Cathode Ray has a momentum with light speed/second that is why if we achieve 1/10th part speed of the light speed then we can get a big achievement for technological progress in the sector of missile defense and space research sector in an eco-friendly environment. Someone said that who has the advantage position in speed and range of fighter aircraft and missile, he is the game changer of the last moment of electronic warfare. Emitted Cathode Ray is not the cause of polluted gas caused by the burning of liquid and solid fuel but we have to find out the exact voltage current and size with a type of the cathode ray tube for generating necessary thrust for liftoff of the rocket. U.S.A. has made a cathode ray toy (Bablet) by the help of NASA but this kind of rocket engine’s example has not been designed. Atomic aircraft cargo fighter ship and atomic submarine are not for emitting cathode ray by using Newton’s third law of motion but it is. It needs a heat shield for every module for the protection against damage caused by excessive heat due to an atomic reactor. Technical phenomena of rectifier can be selected according to the electrical power of the atomic reactor. It will be very helpful and time saver for an unmanned planetary astronomical mission. High level of security measures should be taken with external anti-radiation moderator because we have to always remember that it is an atomic reactor power source based project. I think a hole external moderator assembly should be made because any disaster in the mid sky will be catastrophic and due to this I am saying it can be used in war only in case of atomic threat by the enemies as keeping in mind as a factor of world peace.

Published by: Krishnendu SenguptaResearch Area: Uttarpara Kotnang

Organisation: Hooghly Engineering and Technology College, Chinsurah, West BengalKeywords: C.R.P.R. (Cathode Ray Propulsion Rocket)

Research Paper

4. Design and fabrication of embedded cutting and drilling machine

We all live in a world of advancing technologies which is shifting its gears day by day such as to comfort us at every step leaving behind time at a much rapid rate. Machines are the main source of production which influences us. Thus, making the process of manufacturing efficient in all aspects increases the production rate and human resource. Considering all these aspects, our aim is to design a multipurpose device such as to make it reliable and decrease the workload. We have fabricated the device in such a way to perform no. of operations like cutting and drilling with the use of a hydraulic system using the same. The device makes sure that it reduces the time and increases productivity at a definite rate.

Published by: Nishant Sharma R, P. B. Dinesh, S. Devanathan, N. Mohammad Abu Basim, A. Ashwindh VigneshResearch Area: Manufacturing

Organisation: Velammal Institute of Technology, Chennai, Tamil NaduKeywords: Multipurpose, Hydraulic system, Productivity, Cutting, Drilling

Research Paper

5. Impact of games for better language learning

This study examines the purpose of using games in the kids’ second language classroom and its’ benefits for the learners. Further, it investigates the possibility of using games during the class sessions as a strategy to make the students active learners. As the study suggests it is possible for the teachers to use it as a strategy in the classroom and they should give the concern to see the practical issues that can arise with the learning and teaching process. Anyhow this study has given an outline with evidence about the areas that the teachers can use games for better language learning especially for kids in their second language classroom.

Published by: Sandamali K.P.SResearch Area: Language

Organisation: Eastern University, Chenkalady, Sri LankaKeywords: Games, Second language learning, Evidence, Strategy


6. Analysis of HHO (Hydroxyl) gas using LabVIEW

Many people all over the world have home-built working devices that create HHO gas using very little power. The terms "Brown Gas" and "HHO" are used in this article as synonymous, although there is some minor technical debate as to the ratios of monatomic and diatomic gas within each, and "HHO" was once a trade name for Brown's Gas (it has now become a generic term like "Kleenex", as is written here for this purpose). The hydroxyl gas (HHO) was generated by the electrolysis process of different electrolytes with various electrode designs in a leak-proof Plexiglas reactor (hydrogen generator). Hydroxyl gas was used as a supplementary fuel in a four-cylinder, four strokes, and compression ignition (CI) engine without any modification and without the need for storage tanks. At mid and higher engine speeds; the HHO system with diesel fuel yields higher engine torque output compared to pure diesel engine operation unless HECU is added to the system. The main objective of this project is to acquire pure HHO gas for various applications example: for Vehicles. Majority of these works as reviewed focused more on the effective production of the HHO gas through Electrolysis technique. This Project work focuses on the Generation and analyzes of the HHO gas is produced that can be used for many applications.

Published by: P. S. Ajeeth Balaji, K. Pooventhan, S. MathumithaResearch Area: LabVIEW

Organisation: Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore, Tamil NaduKeywords: Gas sensor, Flashback arrestor, HHO cell, LabVIEW

Research Paper

7. Digital touchpoints and consumer decision journey with reference to two-wheelers

Digitization has brought about a sense of urgency in a majority of companies to adapt to the emerging digital platforms and devices. As consumers take the drivers’ seat, they are offered a multitude of choices and information is targeted at them from proliferating online sources. This empowerment of consumers has left businesses to wonder about the volatility of the consumers’ preferences. With this rapid change comes the need for studying touch points most used by consumers at each stage of the purchasing journey. Understanding which online platform consumers visit at pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase stages is of utmost importance. This study reports the findings of a survey conducted on a sample of 181 respondents over a period of two months, April and May 2018 to understand why consumers own two-wheelers, the digital platforms they frequent at each stage and the online activities that consumers generally indulge in. Further, an analysis is done to understand the different types of digital consumers for two-wheelers based on their interactions with online platforms. The study identifies the need to understand the deeper variables that consumers are looking to purchase a two-wheeler. This led to the analysis of content in the pre-purchase stage to get insights. It is observed that blogs rank the highest at pre-purchase and so data is sourced from the customer and expert reviews for a period of three months, March, April and May 2018. The most mentioned two-wheeler blogs are analyzed through qualitative methods to understand the numerous variables that customers look for in two-wheelers. Thus, the study sheds light on the different touch points consumers visit through the journey, the types of consumers who indulge in online activities and the variables that contribute to their satisfaction in the buying of a two-wheeler.

Published by: Nandhita Balaji, Dr. U. Suma RaoResearch Area: Consumer Behaviour

Organisation: Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Anantapur, Andhra PradeshKeywords: Consumer decision journey, Digitization, Digital behaviour, Digital platforms, Touchpoints

Research Paper

8. Value congruence: A fit between personal and organizational values

Research on value congruence primarily focuses on the assumption that values symbolize desirable behaviors and ideals that employees and organizations attempt to achieve. Person-organization fit generally is labeled as a degree of compatibility between person’s values and organizations values, which acts as a primitive factor in any organizations success. Organizations should achieve person-organization fit if there exists a value congruence between the personal values of the employees to that of the organizational values. This study examined the impact of value congruence as a key driver in achieving person-organization fit and its implications on job satisfaction and stress. The study was conducted on a sample of 258 employees working in a public sector steel manufacturing industry. This research incorporated a factor analysis method to analyze the data and conclusions were drawn further

Published by: Palla Sai Swetha, Dr. G. PadmavathyResearch Area: Management

Organisation: Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Anantapur, Andhra PradeshKeywords: Value congruence, Person-organization Fit, Job satisfaction

Research Paper

9. Work life balance and job satisfaction: A study from private banks of Nepal

Work and life are two inseparable yet conflicting spheres of an individual’s life. Work Life Balance is a healthy integration between an individual’s personal life priorities, family demands, and career goals. Organizational support is needed to help employees to balance their work life responsibilities. Work life balance and job satisfaction are closely related. The study is done on a sample of 75 employees currently working in different branches of private banks of Rupandehi district of Nepal. Kano model is used to track the variables that have highest impact on job satisfaction. Findings show that career growth opportunities and organizational initiatives for WLB are “Excitement Features” of job satisfaction. This study identified the organizational related variables, which are more important to enhance the job satisfaction of employees. The study empirically proves that organizational support to promote WLB enhances job satisfaction of employees.

Published by: Anita Acharya, Dr. G. PadmavathyResearch Area: Management

Organisation: Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Anantapur, Andhra PradeshKeywords: Work life balance, Job satisfaction, Kano Model, Organizational support

Research Paper

10. Post-Soviet transition in Mongolia

Through its modern history, Mongolia has lost and restored its statehood several times. In 1924, after twelve years of independence from Manchu rule Mongolia became virtually a Soviet satellite state. Mongolia remained under communism for seventy years and it was after the disintegration of former USSR that Mongolia became really independent. Mongolia’s political opening, occurred when Mongolians overturned the ruling dictatorial regime during the 1990 strikes and demonstrations. An active young generation which promoted these reforms helped to set in motion this shift in society. These actions formed the basis for the social preconditions that moved Mongolia towards democracy. The case study of Mongolia confirms the importance of the economic, political and social historical preconditions because without the external factor of the Soviet Union, Mongolia may not have been pushed towards democracy. This political opening was crafted very carefully by leaders who did not want to foster dramatic state repression. Mongolia's Communist Party introduced Political pluralism but unlike its counterparts in those countries, the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party (MPRP) has retained powers since 1990 despite allowing electoral competition and political freedom. It has introduced significant economic reforms which have begun to produce positive growth. When the Soviet bloc disintegrated and cut off its aid to poorer socialist countries, Mongolia experienced the most serious peace time economic collapse any nation has faced during this century. Yet Mongolia’s political road has proved remarkably smooth compared to most of the former Soviet republics. There has been no violent attempt to overthrow the government, although the opposition has been active and vocal. Political conflict has by and large been resolved through negotiation and compromise. This article traces socio-economic and political transition in Mongolia’ since the establishment of multiparty democracy in 1990.

Published by: Dr. Suraya Amin BasuResearch Area: Mongolia

Organisation: University of Kashmir, Srinagar, Jammu and KashmirKeywords: The Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party (MPRP), Socialist, Multiparty democracy, Post-communist world, independent foreign policy, Nuclear-weapon-free zone, GDP

Survey Report

11. A study on customer perception towards health insurance in Ranny Thaluk

A study on customer perception towards health insurance in Ranny Thaluk was aimed to access the awareness level and source of awareness about health insurance, to identify the factors influence customers in the selection of health insurance and selection of particular health insurance company, to find out the level of satisfaction of customers. 50 respondents have been selected following convenient sampling method. Questionnaires were used as data collecting instrument. Data were analyzed using tabulation, percentage, ranking, and likert scale. Anova test was used for testing the hypothesis. Recommendations from the study were to making necessary arrangements for all hospitals to accept health insurance cards, all diseases should be cover under health insurance policies etc.

Published by: Anjali JacobResearch Area: Insurance

Organisation: St. Thomas College, Ranni, KeralaKeywords: Health Insurance, Customer Satisfaction, Health Insurance Policy

Review Paper

12. The impact of reading on the human psyche

There are few facts about the impacts of reading on psychological behavior. They suggest that there are specific ways in which a reader’s views and perspectives are broadened. Fiction being the social experience for all, allows us to roam the expanse of space, time, history and offer a deeper view of ideas, concepts, emotions and body of knowledge. Living inside the life of a protagonist, you come across experiences that strengthen you and create from within, a sense of attachment towards others in real life, thus forming a significant amount of empathy in the human psyche. The results hereby show that the openness to experience and creativity make up our basic disposition and being high on this quality as the term implies can make you intellectually curious and flexible to promote acceptance and grieve. The conclusion is that, contrary to the common belief, reading does shape the human psyche in a positive way.

Published by: Khushboo GoyalResearch Area: Literature And Psychology

Organisation: VIT Bhopal University, Bhopal, Madhya PradeshKeywords: Impact, Psychology, Perspective, Protagonist, Beliefs

Research Paper

13. Profiling motorbike owners on the basis of their perception

In an environment where people are constantly looking for and finding smarter and more efficient ways to address their needs, understanding the customer; both existing and potential is of prime importance for a marketer. When it comes to marketing products that have a high involvement for the customers, like a motorbike, this understanding becomes even more crucial. There are several ways of classifying the unique needs people, profiling being a commonly used way. In this study, a very unconventional mode of profiling customers based on their own perception about the kind of relationship they share with their motorbike is used. A mixed methodology research approach is used in this study. The primary data is collected through a questionnaire, and semi-structured interviews, which were formulated after an extensive study of the existing literature. The survey sample size is 100 respondents who own a motorbike. The 14 motorbike owners who participated in the interview are a different sample from the survey sample. The primary data from the questionnaire is analyzed using the factor analysis, cluster analysis, discriminant analysis, and the KANO model. The semi-structured interviews were analyzed using the cluster analysis. The profiles or segments made in this study are based entirely on the findings and the analysis of primary data.

Published by: Ashwini Pradhan, Dr. U. Suma RaoResearch Area: Consumer Behaviour

Organisation: Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Anantapur, Andhra PradeshKeywords: Consumer Behaviour, Motorbike Owners, Perception, Profiling, Product Attributes