This paper is published in Volume 3, Issue 12, 2018
Uttarpara Kotnang
Krishnendu Sengupta
Hooghly Engineering and Technology College, Chinsurah, West Bengal, India
Pub. Date
12 December, 2018
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C.R.P.R. (Cathode Ray Propulsion Rocket)


Krishnendu Sengupta. Cathode ray propulsion rocket, International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology,

Krishnendu Sengupta (2018). Cathode ray propulsion rocket. International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology, 3(12)

Krishnendu Sengupta. "Cathode ray propulsion rocket." International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology 3.12 (2018).


The Cathode Ray Propulsion Rocket is working by an atomic reactor power supply source with a rectifier for the D.C. current which is needed for cathode ray tube. Cathode Ray has a momentum with light speed/second that is why if we achieve 1/10th part speed of the light speed then we can get a big achievement for technological progress in the sector of missile defense and space research sector in an eco-friendly environment. Someone said that who has the advantage position in speed and range of fighter aircraft and missile, he is the game changer of the last moment of electronic warfare. Emitted Cathode Ray is not the cause of polluted gas caused by the burning of liquid and solid fuel but we have to find out the exact voltage current and size with a type of the cathode ray tube for generating necessary thrust for liftoff of the rocket. U.S.A. has made a cathode ray toy (Bablet) by the help of NASA but this kind of rocket engine’s example has not been designed. Atomic aircraft cargo fighter ship and atomic submarine are not for emitting cathode ray by using Newton’s third law of motion but it is. It needs a heat shield for every module for the protection against damage caused by excessive heat due to an atomic reactor. Technical phenomena of rectifier can be selected according to the electrical power of the atomic reactor. It will be very helpful and time saver for an unmanned planetary astronomical mission. High level of security measures should be taken with external anti-radiation moderator because we have to always remember that it is an atomic reactor power source based project. I think a hole external moderator assembly should be made because any disaster in the mid sky will be catastrophic and due to this I am saying it can be used in war only in case of atomic threat by the enemies as keeping in mind as a factor of world peace.
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