Volume 2, Issue 9

Volume 2, Issue 9

September, 2017

Case Study

1. Frontal Bone Fracture Reconstruction: A Case Series

Untreated depressed frontal bone fracture leads to secondary post operative aesthetic problems. Minimally displaced anterior table fractures are observed, more displaced fractures are explored and reduced. Frontal sinus obliteration is done for fractures involving nasofrontal duct, whereas cranialization is done for anterior table fracture with CSF leakage or comminuted posterior table fractures. An existing laceration or a bicoronal incision is used to gain access.

Published by: Dr. Sobitha .G, Dr. S. Mohan, Dr. Bobby John, Dr. Sandhya .KResearch Area: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Organisation: Govt Dental College, KeralaKeywords: Frontal Bone Fracture, Frontal Sinus, Anterior Table, Posterior Table, Nasofrontal Duct Etc.

Research Paper

2. Effect of ARQ MAKO and Sharbat Kasni in Waram Al Rahim (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease): An Observational Clinical Trial

Waram al rahim (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) is a polymicrobial infection and one of the most common causes of morbidity in young women in both the developing and developed world. About 10-20 per 1000 fertile women suffers from PID. The spectrum of disease ranges from subclinical, asymptomatic infection to severe, life-threatening illness. Objective: The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of arq mako and sharbat kasni in the management of stage I PID. Methodology: This clinical study was carried out at NIUM Hospital, Bengaluru during the year of 2016-17. Total 30 patients between 18-45 years were included and arq mako 60 ml and sharbat kasni 10 ml was administered orally twice daily for 21 days. Follow up done weekly during trial and every 15 days for one month after trial. Primary and secondary outcome measures were assessed before and after trial. Result: Statistical analysis were done by using Fisher exact, Mc Nemar and paired T test to assess improvement in sign, symptoms of PID. Results were categorized into three groups. Out of 30 (100%) patients 70% were cured on 3rd week of trial, 23.33% were relieved and only 6.67% had no response. Both primary and secondary outcome measures were statistically strongly significant. Interpretation and conclusion: From the present study it can be concluded that Arq mako and sharbat kasni was effective in stage I PID and can be used in daily practice. It also observed that there were no adverse effects of the drugs during the trial.

Published by: Aalia Parween, Tabassum .K, Prof. Wajeeha BegumResearch Area: Medical

Organisation: National Institute of Unani Medicine, KarnatakaKeywords: Waram al Rahim, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Arq Mako, Sharbat Kasni, Mccormack Pain Scale.

Research Paper

3. Effectiveness of Low Level Laser Therapy with Nano Current Stimulation on Pain, Range Of Motion and Function in Patients with Adhesive Capsulitis

Adhesive Capsulitis Is A Common Condition Involving Scapulohumeral Pain And Loss Of Motion, It Is Chronic Inflammation And Fibrosis Of The Joint Capsule. The Painful Nature Of The Adhesive capsulitis and lack of effective therapy for improving pain range of motion and function demonstrate the demand for a new effective therapeutic intervention so the present study was aimed to determine the effectiveness of low level laser therapy(LLLT)with nano current bio-stimulation in patients with adhesive capsulitis.Methods:20 patients with adhesive capsulitis were divided into 2 groups and treated for 3 weeks and pre and post study, the visual analogue scale, range of motion and function data were taken. In this study groupA received low level laser therapy with therapeutic exercises and group B received therapeutic exercises Result: patients received low level laser therapy showed a significant improvement in pain, range of motion and function in patients with adhesive capsulitis after 3 weeks. Conclusion: low level laser therapy along with therapeutic exercises significantly improve pain range of motion and function in patients with adhesive capsulitis than therapeutic exercises alone.

Published by: Dr. Dipen Patel, Dr. Pinaz AjmeriResearch Area: Physiotherapy

Organisation: Aalayam Rehab Care, AhmedabadKeywords: Low Level Laser Therapy, Nano Current Bio Stimulation Adhesive Capsulitis, Range Of Motion, Capsular Stretching, Therapeutic Exercises.

Research Paper

4. Anisotropic Median Diffusion Based Molecular Images Denoising For Detection of Breast Cancer

Presently breast cancer detection is a very important role for world young women to save and extended to the life. The new proposed technology is anisotropic median diffusion filter for denoising low-signal-to-noise molecular images. This filter, which incorporates a median filter into the diffusion steps, is called an anisotropic median-diffusion filter. This hybrid filter achieved much better noise suppression and reduced gausssian noise, spikes compared with the anisotropic diffusion filter when it was tested on an image created based on a molecular image model. We prepare a algorithm detect of Brest Cancer early with molecular imaging ADME uses to the (i.e) uses of density of molecular in this study we develop a mathematical mode for ADME and together the breast cancer molecular image and analysis that performance .The anisotropic median-diffusion filter also achieved good smoothen in inner area and outer area boundry of the molecular images. In this filter particularly useful for non linear molecular images.

Published by: C. Magdalene Brintha, M. KamarajanResearch Area: Digital Image Processing

Organisation: Easwari Engineering College, Tamil NaduKeywords: AMDF, Denoising, Breast Cancer, Molecular Images.

Research Paper

5. Energy Absorption Characteristics of Sandwich Panels Due to Foreign Object Damage

Foreign object damage (FOD) usually happens when objects are sucked into jet engines powering military or civil aircraft. Under extreme conditions, FOD can lead to severe structural damage. More commonly it produces locally impacted sites of the fan and compressor airfoils, reducing fatigue life of these components. FOD is a prime cause for repair in aircraft engines. The present study deals with impact of projectile on solid and sandwich structures with different impact angles, the honeycomb core is generally used in between two face-sheet because of its advantage of weight reduction and high specific energy absorbing capability during impact. .The modelling of the sandwich panel is done using HYPER MESH and the analysis is carried out using explicit solver LS DYNA 971 R 8.0 and finally a comparative analysis is carried out between solid and sandwich panel based on energy absorption and weight reduction of the structure.

Published by: ChinmayResearch Area: Aerospace Engineering

Organisation: University BDT College of EngineeringKeywords: Foreign object damage, Specific energy absorption, Johnson-cook, Damage parameter

Research Paper

6. Effectiveness of Ad Campaign for Soft Drinks in Hyderabad City

Advertising is an important aspect of the companies to promote their product and generate sales. It is also important for the companies to know whether their advertising campaigns are effective This paper extends research on linking advertisement factors which affect consumer Preference for soft drinks [aerated drinks].This research encompasses various attributes of advertising campaigns and the effect of ad campaigns on the attitudes and behaviors of consumers, it tries to highlight various dimensions of ad campaigns influencing on the consumers

Published by: Syed Valiullah Bakhtiyari, Prof. Badiuddin AhmedResearch Area: Advertising Management.

Organisation: Amjad Ali Khan College of BusinessKeywords: Ad Campaigns, Consumer Behaviour, Aerated Drinks, Dimensions of Ad, Consumer attitude, Preferences, Prospects

Research Paper

7. Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) in Ectopic Pelvic Kidney Stone- Laproscopic Assisted Anterior Approach

Nephrolithiasis management within an ectopic kidney presents a challenge to the urologists. Several treatment modalities are possible in this group of patients. Although percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) is an accepted treatment modality in anatomically normal kidneys, ectopic pelvic kidneys require a different and more complicated approach for PNL. We report the case of a 19 years old female patient with pain in right flank whose tests showed a right pelvic kidney with a 18 mm stone in the renal pelvis. We describe the successful management by percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) in ectopic pelvic kidney via Anterior approach with Laparoscopic assistance, stressing that this method is a minimally invasive therapeutic option in such cases.

Published by: Dr. Ashwin Gadhvi, Dr. Dhaval Bhimani, Dr. Nimesh Thakkar, Dr. Nidhi Shah, Dr. Nirav PatelResearch Area: Medical Science

Organisation: C.U. Shah Medical College and Hospital, SurendranagarKeywords: Ectopic Kidney Stone Laproacopic Assisted PCNL.

Review Article

8. A Review on Work Holding Device for Jig

The design of jigs are a highly complex and intuitive process, which require knowledge. Jig design plays an important role at the setup planning phase. Proper jig design is crucial for developing a product quality in different terms of accuracy, surface finish and precision of the machined parts. In existing design the jig set up is done manually, Hence the aim of this project is to replace with jigs to save the time for loading and unloading of component. A jig provides the manufacturer for flexibility in holding forces and optimizes design for machine operation as well as process function ability.

Published by: P. Mohan, M. Vivek, V. SundarajanResearch Area: JIG

Organisation: Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Tamil NaduKeywords: Jig, Interchangeability, Work-holding Device, Bush.