Volume 2, Issue 7

Volume 2, Issue 7

July, 2017

1. Growth of the Hotel Industry in Coimbatore

Customer Attitude has become a topical issue in research and practice due to its proven dominance in hotel organizational success. The present study has been conducted on the customer attitude towards the hospitality industry by improving understanding of the relationships among customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, and image. Also this research identifies the various factors on which the customer point of view on hotels and lodging industry, which is mainly based on the data collected from various hotels indicate the customer satisfaction with performance of various aspects like housekeeping, reception, room service, price, food and beverages. Hotels are the most important part of the lodging industry which contributes to the sector by offering services and facilities of extremely high standards.Facilities provided may range from a modest-quality mattress in a small room to large suites andhotel operations vary in size, function, and cost. In this report, the area of customer complaint behaviour has received considerable attention from hotel managers as dissatisfied customers engage in a variety of complaint actions that could ruin the reputation of a hotel. The main objectives were to identify complaint patterns and the relationships between customers’ demographic backgrounds.

Published by: L. Dinesh, Dr. M. UshaResearch Area: Management

Organisation: Department of Management Karpagam University Karpagam University Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, CoimbatoreKeywords: Customers Satisfaction, Hospitality, Demographics, Hotels, Complaints, Consumer Awareness, Consumer Perception.

2. Voltage Mode Universal Filter Using Current Conveyor

A second order voltage mode tunable universal filter is presented. The voltage mode filter is based on dual output second generation current controlled current conveyor (DOCCCII). The filter is capable of realizing high pass (HP), low pass (LP), band pass (BP), notch pass (NP) and all pass (AP) responses in voltage mode (VM). The filter employs only two capacitors and hence enjoys minimum component requirement. By properly exciting the filter structure with appropriate voltage signals the filter response in all four modes can be obtained. The filter enjoys tunability of quality factor and filter frequency. The filter is simulated in Hspice using 0.18µm CMOS model parameters obtained from TSMC. The DOCCCII works at a low supply voltage of ±1.5V.

Published by: Saurabh Kumar, Imranullah KhanResearch Area: Current Conveyor (VLSI)

Organisation: Intergal UniversityKeywords: Current Mode; Current Conveyor; Universal Filter; Mix Mode

3. Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Circular Tile Cutter Using FEA and FFT

Cutting system play very important role in marble cutting industry.Circular tile cutters with uniform radial cracks are mostly used in the cutting processes. Cutters are used to cut respective material to a required size or shape . They come in a number of different forms , from basis manual devices to complex attachments for power tools. Unwanted noise , vibration and accidental failure associated with the cutting process have become an important economic and technological aspect in the industry. The knowledge of natural frequencies of components is of great interest in the study of response of structures to various excitations . In this study natural frequencies will be evaluated in desired frequency ranges of cutter mechanism. Mode shapes at various natural frequencies will be evaluated using FEA and FFT results , CATIA V5 software will be used to design various existing blades and modification will be carried out as per results. Optimization to minimize the weight of circular tile cutter and therby reducing the material cost. Optimised model is further verified by FFT and thermal analysis.Conclusion and future scope will be suggested.

Published by: Sheetal A. Patil, Prof. M. K. WasekarResearch Area: Optimisation

Organisation: Sinhgad Academy of Engineering, Kondhwa, PuneKeywords: Tile Cutter , Frequency , Mass , Vibrations

4. Implementation of Robust Satellite Image Enhancement for Fusion of Multispectral and Panachromatic Images

This paper shows execution and assessment of the picture combination methods connected on the panchromatic and multispectral satellite pictures. The review territory is secured diverse landscape morphologies. A decent combination plan ought to safeguard the phantom qualities of the source multi-ghostly picture and also the high spatial determination attributes of the source panchromatic picture. So as to discover the combination calculation which is most appropriate for the panchromatic and multispectral pictures, combination calculations, for example, PCA and wavelet calculations have been utilized and broke down. In this paper, execution assessment criteria are likewise utilized for quantitative appraisal of the combination execution. The otherworldly nature of combined pictures is assessed by the Deviation Angle, Spectral Angle, Correlation Index, ERGAS, Q4 and RMSE. The examination shows that the DWT combination plot has the best definition and also phantom constancy, and has better execution with respect to the high textural data retention. Accordingly, as the review region is concerned, it is most suited for the panchromatic and multispectral picture combination.

Published by: Kavana A. M, Dr. Mohamed RafiResearch Area: Image Processing

Organisation: University B.D.T. College of Engineering, KarnatakaKeywords: Image fusion, Panchromatic images, Multispectral images, PCA, Wavelet, HIS, ERGAS, Q4

5. Survey on Proof of Violation​ in Cloud Storage

Proof of Violation (POV) scheme in the cloud storage systems, this scheme is used in which it allows the users to produce some cryptographic proofs, to determine whether the violation has been occurred by the user or whether he is innocent by providing cryptographic proofs. Since Security and reliability are the two major concerns about cloud storage. However, clients lose control of files when uploading to the cloud storage. Files may be unexpectedly exposed to a third party or modified without permission or the hackers may take an advantage of such files. The cloud may not follow user’s instruction to safely store files. For example, if files are damaged or lost, users usually do not have any precise proof to prove it. Since customers cannot make informed decisions about the risk of losing data stored, since their incentive to rely on these services is reduced. Hence a new scheme approach i.e., proof of violation is been developed in which it can be achieved using SLA Agreement, in which it can be used to provide the mutual non-repudiation guarantee with the service provider in the cloud storage. Auditing of files must be done, since it keep tracks of each file operation and determines if there is any violation in the SLA. The result of all these file operations and hash values of the downloaded files are stored in the cloud server and hence can achieve real-time auditing through it. Therefore the cloud must provide security features so that only authorized person can access and provide authentication for each file to improve better security features and back-up the lost data files. Therefore in order to enhance better performance and efficiency through which maximum time effort can be reduced.

Published by: Sindhu J. P, Divyashree .JResearch Area: Cloud Computing

Organisation: SJB Institute of TechnologyKeywords: Cloud Security, Cloud Storage, Proof of Violation, Service-Level Agreements

6. Comparative Analysis of Discrete and Fused Floating Point Arithmetic Units and its Application for Fused Butterfly Unit

For DSP application that requires a large dynamic range floating point implementations are more suitable than fixed point representation. Floating point arithmetic is much useful in the implementation of various DSP applications as it allows the designer and the user to concentrate on the algorithms and architecture without worrying about the numerical issues. Many applications use floating point hardware to perform DSP tasks in real time and hence overcome the limitations imposed by the use of fixed point numeric systems. The multi-functional floating-point unit includes a multiplier unit, a fused Add-Subtract unit which uses hardware more efficiently in comparison to the separate unit blocks for each operation. This method reduces the area of the designed block but the speed of operation is also reduced. The blocks are reduced based on the common operation between each designed unit.

Published by: Priya Purohit, Monika Gupta, Abhay SharmaResearch Area: VLSI Design

Organisation: F.O.T. U.T.U Dehradun , Uttarakhand, IndiaKeywords: Floating point, Fixed point, DSP, Area, Power, Delay, FFT

7. Protection Saving Positioned Multi-Keyword Scan for Different Information in Distributed Computing

Observing the read of cloud computing, it's become augmenting standard for information house owners to outside provider their data to public cloud servers whereas permitting information users to regain this information. To relate to seclusion, safe searches over encrypted cloud information have provoked a lot of analysis works below the only real owner model. However, most cloud servers in observing don't simply Serve distinctive owner; instead, they support multiple house owners to share the advantages brought by cloud computing. In this paper, we recommend -To keep safe the secrecy many |and a number of other |and several other} owner model search several keywords and hierarchical. to create doable cloud servers to execute safe to seem omission knowing the $64000 data of each keyword and trap-doors, to stay alive the privacy of connected scores between keywords and files and rank the search result, we recommend a completely unique Additive Order and Privacy conserving operate family and dynamic hidden key creation rule and a replacement information user to ascertain as real rule.

Published by: Usha L. G, B. N VeerappaResearch Area: Cloud Computing

Organisation: University BDT College ,DavangereKeywords: Cloud Computing, Ranked Keyword Several Owners, Privacy Preserving, Dynamic Hidden Keys

8. Women Market, Social Economic Impact, Case study on Ema Keithel (Women Market) Manipur India

The paper reviews the Market of North east India leaded by Women called “Ema kathel” (Women Market) a market owned by women, every task from producing, packing and selling everything done by women themselves. Position of Women in World where still Improving there is a place in north east India where women are not only do household chores also go out for business and doing very well. The paper describes the original position of women in the world and their roll in business and suggesting the way to improve their position by comparing with North east India. What kind of business they are doing how they manage to get resources. Another section of the paper describes why its only happening in north India rather in whole part of India. The purpose of this study is to present a systematic and analytical review of the available content based on field survey conducted ,that women position in not only to bear child and to do house chores but women can do far better in business, entrepreneurs as well. It is hope this study will inform Every part of the world that women are as good in doing business ,leading entrepreneur as they manages home.

Published by: Tripti PanwarResearch Area: Global Marketing

Organisation: FreelanceKeywords: Women Market in India

9. Historical Organisational Structure Vs Boss Less Organisational Structure

The paper reviews the historical organizational structure and compares it with boss less structure of an organization. In first section of the paper describes the historical and hierarchical structure of an organization .The advantages and disadvantages will be discussed .In next section the structure of boss less organization is discussed with is benefits and risks. In final section describes how an organization can improve by adopting boss less organizational structure.

Published by: TriptiResearch Area: Human resource management

Organisation: StudentKeywords: Analysis of organisational structure Vs bossless organisational structure adopted developed countries like us.

10. Wearable Hyperthermia Device

In this modern era of wearable devices for monitoring patient, Wearable hyperthermia device plays an important role in the development of health care. A light wearable device can improve patient’s comfort and can be located close proximity to the body, thereby enhancing the energy deposition and reducing the power requirements. The device is primarily aimed at continuously tracking the skin temperature to indicate the onset of hyperthermia. The proposed prototype system provides an interactive user interface which is simple and efficient to monitor the body temperature and a sound alarm from buzzer in case of hyperthermia condition and hence, it will provide as a better detector over rise in temperature. The temperature status obtained will be transmitted to the monitor window via arduino and USB cable. Analysing body temperature will be useful in hospitals for bed ridden patients and sports persons. The final prototype would enhance the users to monitor their body temperature continuously and will help in identify the hyperthermia in its initial stage.

Published by: Abhinaya .M, Silambarasan .P, Sowmiya A. PResearch Area: Biommedical

Organisation: PSG College of Technology, CoimbatoreKeywords: Arduino, Microcontroller, Heat Stoke, Hyperthermia

11. A Study on Brain Tumor Segmentation of MRI 3 Tesla Using a Fuzzy Approach with Algorithm

Image segmentation algorithms and techniques find its applications in a wide number of domains. Segmentation of brain tumor and overall internal structure of the brain is one of the main applications in the field of medical imaging. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique is one of the many imaging modalities that are available to scan and capture the internal soft tissue structures of the body. In this paper, proposed techniques have been given to extract the tumor portion, successfully demarcate the tumor boundary, and locate the tumor with a bounding circle and to diagnose whether the tumor is present or absent. A fuzzy clustering-based technique is proposed which helps to study & analyze the intricate structure of the brain, hence can be used as a visual analysis and a study tool.

Published by: R. Rathika, N. VenkatesanResearch Area: Fuzzy Mathematics

Organisation: Prist UniversityKeywords: Fuzzy Systems, Brain Tumour Segmentation, Tumour Segmentation in Brain MRI.

12. A Report on Prescribing Trend In/Of Hospital in Rural Area like Kamptee

To report the trend in prescription and what are the drug drug interactions observed in variety of prescription get from a hospital at kamptee in February 2017. Methods: We analysed the prescriptions which are collected by us and we check the drug trend, drug drug interactions and essential drug is prescribed by physician or not. Results: Total 45 no. of prescriptions are analysed by us from that most of the prescriptions contains antibiotics and NSAIDs used with PPI. There are many drug drug interactions observed of mild and moderate type and many of the drugs are not of essential drugs that are prescribed by the physician. Conclusion: Antibiotics, NSAIDs and PPI are most widely used to prescribed by the physician. Only 5-6% drugs are prescribed from the essential drug list and 40-45% of prescriptions having drug drug interactions.

Published by: Neha S. Mahajan, Sagar Newargade, Manish BaraiResearch Area: Prescribing Trend

Organisation: Smt. Kishoritai Bhoyar College Of Pharmacy, MaharashtraKeywords: Prescribing Trend, Drug Interactions, Essential Drug List.

13. A Study on Fuzzy Differential Equation Using Second Order Linear Equations

The paper some results on boundary value problems for fuzzy differential equations with functional dependence" by J.J. Nieto and R. Rodriguez-Lopez addresses fuzzy and impulsive differential equations with various periodic boundary conditions. It is based on the Hukuhara derivative and makes strong use of explicit formulas for Green's functions. The article Generalized differentiation of fuzzy-valued numerical solutions.

Published by: R. Ravichanthiran, N. VenkatesanResearch Area: Fuzzy Mathematics

Organisation: Prist universityKeywords: Differential Equations; Fuzzy Systems, Simpson’s Method, Second Order Linear Equations

14. Utilization Of Rubber Waste In Construction Of Flexible Pavement

The growth rate of vehicles is the backbone of economic development of any country. India is the second fast growing automobile industry in the world. In today’s era, solid waste management is the thrust area. On the other side, the traffic intensity is also increasing. As a result amount of waste tyres is also increasing. The increasing consumption of waste tire has generated many problems such as increasing landfill space, environmental pollution and causing health hazards. Parallel to this is the increasing of roads construction as a result of heavy traffic on roads. This study reviews to the use of crumb rubber (waste tires in powder form) in bitumen using the wet process. The study focuses on the crumb rubber as a replacement to the total weight of bitumen. The design or life span for all highways and urban roads is 10 – 20 years. Unfortunately, damages or distresses on pavements are still occurring before reaching the maximum period of the designed road serviceability. Among the major influencing factor that is contributing to this distress is the repeated heavy traffic loading on the road surfaces. Moreover, the use of waste crumb rubber in road construction as a pavement surface has a better skid resistance, fatigue crack resistance and increased rut resistance. The review includes physical tests that are used to determine the physical properties of bitumen and modified crumb rubber mix. The physical tests involve penetration test, softening point test, and ductility test. The expectations from the study are to develop bitumen with waste crumb rubber that would minimize the costs of bitumen and providing better physical properties compared to the convention bitumen based on the tests that was conducted.

Published by: Nitu H. Deshmukh, D. Y KshirsagarResearch Area: Civil Engineering

Organisation: Gangamai Polytechnic, NagaonKeywords: Waste Tyre Rubber, Bitumen, Crumb Rubber, Wet Process, Flexible Pavement.

15. Thermoacoustic Refrigeration System

This project examines the effectiveness of thermo acoustic refrigeration, which is the theory of using sound waves as a coolant. The work reported here deals with the design and optimization of a thermo acoustic-refrigerator (TAR) as an attempt to address the future generation environment friendly energy systems. The literature survey gives a complete picture on the history of thermo acoustics and the work carried out in the field of thermo acoustics till today. The motivation of the design of thermo acoustic refrigerator explains the reasons for carrying out the work illustrating its benefits and how the performance of the TAR in future can be made efficient in comparison with the performance of a conventional refrigerator.

Published by: M. Naren Kumar, P. DeepikaResearch Area: Refrigeration

Organisation: Angel College Of Engineering and TechnologyKeywords: Acoustical Theory, VCR System.

16. To study Epidemiology of Needle Stick Injuries and Blood Born Pathogen Exposures among Health Care Workers in tertiary care District Hospital in Indore, India

Occupational hazards are very common in health care setting. They are common in any area of work, including hospitals. Clients in all health care setting are at risk for acquiring infection because of exposure to number and types of diseases. Sharp used in hospitals include syringe, needle, scalpels, broken glass and other objects contaminated with blood form a source of infection. Due to NSIs, the risk of infections ranges from as low as 0.2–0.5% for HIV to as high as 3–10% for HCV and 40% for HBV. The purpose of this study is to examine awareness about the needle stick and splash related injuries among the health care workers in public health hospitals from June 2016 to December 2016, and classify the frequencies of those cases by job categories and location of injury. We will also study the effect of certain variables such wearing protective equipment, job categories and location of occurrence, type of Injury. We will also study the prevalence and associated factors of Needle Stick Injuries (NSI) among the health care workers of our hospital also To assess the level of awareness of the health care workers regarding NSI. Data will obtain from health care workers in public health hospitals in Indore, India from January 2017 to June 2017. A cross-sectional descriptive Study is plan and data was collected by using a pretested close ended structured questionnaire among the respondents of the health care workers of a tertiary care public hospital. We have used mean, Standard deviation (SD), p value and Z test and other statistical tools. We have taken z test as a test of significance with fixing the p value of 0.05 as significant.

Published by: Chandraprakash ShuklaResearch Area: Public Health

Organisation: Jodhpur School of Public HealthKeywords: BBE, NSI, Occupational Health

17. The Quest for Professional Civil Service in Ethiopia: Practices and Challenges

Professionalism in the civil service is an overarching value that determines how its activities will be carried out. It encompasses all other values that guide the public service such as loyalty, neutrality, transparency, diligence, punctuality, effectiveness, impartiality, and other values that may be specific to a given country. The rationale behind professionalism is that public servants should be neutral, impartial, fair, and competent and serve the public interest in carrying out their duties. They should be top people who are fairly compensated and adequately trained to perform their work. Among others, historical and ideological realities; lack of real recruitment procedures and conditions ; Competition from private sector and others which resulted in limited stock of qualified people in specialized areas specific to the public sector; absence of or abuse of objective and uniform standard of appraisal and results-based reward system; limited awareness and practical skills among some leaders, managers and team leaders to support their subordinates in their professional development; weak linkage of human resource development activities with the strategy and inadequate budget allocation to human resource development; and negative attitude and resistance to change among civil servants and even sometimes the middle and top level leaders are found to be the challenges in creating professional public service. The following recommendations are also recommended. Refining and implementing comprehensive merit system is the basis for civil service professionalism. Improving the performance management system is critical in today’s Ethiopian Civil Service in order to align individual, team and organizational performance. The rules of advancement and promotion for career development must provide an incentive to public servants to obtain the best results both qualitatively and quantitatively. Competitive payment is very vital element for the development of professionalism, since public servants who receive adequate remuneration feel secure in their jobs and therefore are better motivated. Public servants have always been expected to be neutral and to treat all citizens impartially and equitably in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

Published by: Henok Seyoum AssefaResearch Area: Civil Service Modernization

Organisation: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Policy Study and Research CenterKeywords: Professionalism, Civil Service, Ethiopian Civil Service

18. Effect of Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique on Stress among Computer Professionals Working in Selected Private Company

This study investigated the Effect of progressive muscle relaxation technique on stress among computer professionals working in selected private companies, Ernakulam district. The objectives of the study were to assess the level of stress experienced by computer professionals, to assess the effect of progressive muscle relaxation technique on stress among computer professionals and to find out the association of pre-test level of stress experienced by the computer professionals with their selected demographic variables. The study is based on Roy`s Adaptation Model. The research design selected for the study is - One group pre test-post test pre-experimental research design. The present study was done in selected private company in Ernakulam district, among 60 computer professionals and consecutive sampling technique was used to select the sample. Data was collected with the help of work stress scale. The progressive muscle relaxation technique was demonstrated to the participants in a group by the investigator and the participants were asked to practice progressive muscle relaxation for a period of two weeks, 30 mins daily under the supervision of the investigator, followed by the assessment of stress level with same tools after two weeks. The study revealed that there is significant reduction in stress level of subjects after the practice of progressive muscle relaxation.

Published by: Mr. Arun .MResearch Area: Nursing

Organisation: KVM College Of Nursing, KeralaKeywords: Effect, Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), Stress and Computer Professionals.